Why Hire A Family Lawyer Instead Of General Practice Attorney?

You might be considering hiring a general practice attorney because it is more affordable to do so.  However, hiring a certified family lawyer is a better option. A skilled divorce solicitor is knowledgeable of the local court procedure, as well as the judges in the local court. He is also well versed in divorce procedure and will be able to formulate a good strategy to help you with your case.

Does A Family Lawyer Give Legal Advice During Initial Consultation?

Yes, a family lawyer can give advice during the initial consultation. However, the scope of advice would be rather limited. A family lawyer will only start developing a strategy plan after you have hired him. Usually, a divorce solicitor will only inform you about your divorce rights and explain to you the things that you could accomplish during the divorce process. Therefore, if you are confident that your prospective lawyer will be able to help you, then you should hire him.

Why Do You Need an Experienced Family Lawyer?

You must always look for a skilled family solicitor. When you don’t have any children, no spousal support issue to settle, or no properties to divide, you may feel inclined to hire an inexperienced lawyer to save cost. However, it is not advisable to do so. An experienced attorney will be able to do the job the first time, allowing you to move on with your life as soon as possible.

How Can A Family Solicitor Determine How Much A Family Law Retainer Will Be?

Usually, family lawyer set their charges based on the complexity of the case, as well as their experience. Your lawyer will do a conference with you to enable him to get a good grasp of the nature of the case as well as anticipate the issues that you will face on the court.

Basing on the things that you have discussed with him, your attorney will calculate how long it would take for the case to be resolved. This means that processing a divorce procedure for long term marriage with child custody and property issues is more expensive than a short term marriage with no debts or assets to divide. During your first consultation, he will give you an estimated cost.

Can a Family Attorney Give a Timetable?

Of course, you would want to have idea on when the court respond to your initial motion in a Family Law case.  A family lawyer can make predictions, but he will only base it on his experience with the local court where your case will be filed.  In case there are emergency orders, you can expect a sooner date.  However, a family lawyer cannot make specific timetable because each family law case differs from others. Furthermore the court is always busy. This is why it is more preferable to go for settlements rather than experience a lengthy trial.

A family lawyer can be a great help to you when you are trying to solve legal matters concerning your family. The things mentioned above are some of the basic facts about family lawyers.

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