Real Time Subscription And Dragon Naturally Speaking For Deaf And People With Learning Disabilities

How does real-time subscription work? A microphone is attached to the computer and the Dragon Speaking Naturally reads the transcription. However, a redictater listens to the words through the speaker and then dictates the spoken words which are then transmitted to the computer. Basically, this can be used by two methods explained above.

Method 1

The person monitoring the deaf or people with hearing disabilities has to decide which kind of method is best suitable for the victim and whether the discussion on the subject is appropriate for the listener. Other factors include the environment, social background, overall awareness and thought process modes.

Method 2

The other method is more time consuming and costly in terms of hiring a person who would constantly dictate the data. This is more useful as the person would be able to add more to the information being received and customize the material which the deaf person would be more adaptable to understand.

There are two different ways of using Dragon Captioning which are as the following:-

  • Real-Time Closed-Captioning
  • Remote Re-dictater

Real-Time Closed-Captioning

Special kinds of microphones are used for this purpose and they are bigger in size as compared to the small portable microphones. The x-Tag microphones are made at revolabs and Jabra 9330 which design them for positioning and accurate voice clarity.

In order to begin using this system, you first need to make a Dragon Naturally Speaking Profile for the male or female user. There is a wide variety of programming tools available in this software and they can be chosen with pre planning before it starts running. You can even use alternative words replacing all the technical terminologies before starting the program and fix the things you need to change for the deaf person.

Here is a list of tools which are available to choose from:-

  • Vocabulary Builder tool
  • Add words from documents tool in the Accuracy Center
  • VocTool-located from the Dragon NaturallySpeaking menu in Professional

A drawback with this application is that the reader will read the information or data in a continuous flow because there are no punctuation marks illustrated to take pauses or expressions used in the text.

Remote Re-dictater

As the name indicates, the person redictating the data could be in a remote area or a place which could be far away. The person generates the information using a wireless microphone to the listener through the computer and the student’s computer is also linked to the software so that he/she will be able to view the transcription along with the text data provided.

It is similar to applications like Skype where you can get to communicate with the other person or the way translators are used at the United Nations. It’s a useful source for the learning process as live discussions can also take place followed by a series of questions and answering.

These are some of the effective ways in which you can get transcription done successfully, and in no time, with minimum efforts, and best results.

Duncan Ferguson is an expert transcriptionist and also blogs about it for a transcription service company – 1st Class. His information regarding different transcription software is unmatchable.