Why A Book Cover Design Matters

Writing a book is a big dream for many writers, and nowadays with the popularity of e-books continuing to grow, it is possible for many writers to publish an e-book (or electronic book) and have it available for anyone with a computer, tablet, e-reader, or smartphone—and an internet connection. If writers are looking to publish an e-book there are some important things they need to consider, particularly when it comes to the book cover design, which can help attract more people to the book (thus boosting sales).

E-books vs. Print Books

Some people might say print books are fast becoming a thing of the past, and while print is not entirely dead, it is safe to say that e-books are continuing to rise in popularity. In fact, tablet and e-book sales went from 0% in 2010 to 50% in 2013, according to one Pew Research Study. It is no wonder that many writers are looking to not only write a book, but also to get it published as an e-book with a creative e-book cover design.

An e-book is almost exactly similar to a physical paperback or hardcover book; the words on the page are the same and the information or story in the book is the same. E-books, however, are available for viewing on an electronic platform, making it ideal for many readers and writers because e-books give people instant access to the books from anywhere. Of course, one thing that can change a bit is the book cover design.

Design differences for E-Books

Normally, the text and graphics of the book covers are pretty similarly, whether e-bok or print; however, because the e-book is being viewed online, the hue and saturation of each color might vary a little bit from its print alternative. Any professional who creates book cover designs for e-books will know this, and will also realize that scanning a copy of the print cover and attaching it to the e-book document simply will not do. It can look awkward, faded, and just generally unprofessional. The last thing any writer wants is to be judged by his or her book cover, but if the book cover looks unprofessional, then the judgment likely will not be good.

Writers cannot do everything

When chefs decide to open up a restaurant, they are not fully responsible for making and executing every design detail in those restaurants. They do not need to decide on the paint color and paint the walls, and pick the furnishings, and the draperies, and so on. Yes, they might have visions and may offer input for how they see their restaurants, but likely they have hired an architect and/or interior designer to help achieve that vision and execute it professionally. On a similar note, why should writers feel the need to create their own book cover design?

An Eye for Design

Even if a writer has an eye for design, or has an idea of what he or she wants his or her book cover design to look like, he or she might not be able to execute the design in real life as well as can be imagined.

A book cover designer need to consider everything, from the type of font to use for the book title and author name to how large that font should be, from where the title is placed on the cover to how much space is in between each letter and line. The cover designer even needs to select the photo and decide not only how it should appear on the book cover, but also needs to know which images and arrangements will attract the highest demographic response for the book’s content.

Chances are that the writer had some help with the writing process of the book, either through feedback from other writers or simply from working with an editor and publisher. Getting the book cover design done by a professional is another process in the collaborative world of writing books that can increase the book’s overall success.

Some design companies might be able to offer bargain basement prices, but make sure they don’t cut corners where it counts – using the same template for the book cover design of every book, for instance, is not worth any expense. Use a professional book cover design company that will be able to give your e-book the high quality, professional, and unique cover it deserves. You’ve worked hard to get your book to the point of publication, so find a book cover design company that will work as hard as you have to create a cover design that will make your book hard to keep even on the e-book shelf.

This arti­cle was writ­ten by Mary. K. Elmo, an author who believes that an eye catch­ing book cover designs is an indis­pens­able part of a book’s mar­ket­ing strategy.