What Is The Best Time To Move To A New Home?

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time, but it can also be challenging. There is so much to plan and get done when it comes to moving. It is important that you plan ahead and take your time while planning in order to figure out the optimal time to move. Finding the best time to move into a new home is not just about what is best for you and your schedule, but instead requires you to consider everything that is involved in a move and then figuring out the best time based on those considerations. Some things that you should consider when planning a move are everybody’s schedules, work, school, the move in and move out dates, the budget you have set, and the moving company you want to use.

Planning is Key

Making a plan and staying organized is key to making your move into a new home easier. The last thing you want to feel when moving into your new home is rushed. There are a number of factors to consider when looking for the best time to move. Taking your time to find the right moving company will be a tremendous help. Also, people are more likely to move during the summer between the months of May and September and on the weekends. Did you know that during the peak moving times, moving prices are higher? Gas prices also tend to go up during the summer months. During the spring and fall months though, rates are lower just like week day moving rates are lower than what they are on the weekends. The weekends are one of the worst times to plan a move because so many other people are planning their moves over the weekend, which means that not only will the prices from a moving company go up, but there will be fewer resources for you. It is worth taking off a couple days during the week to ensure you have a better experience with moving.

Take Advantage

As long as you do not have to stick to a particular schedule because you have no other way around it, then take advantage of the time you can get by having a plan. Knowing when the peak moving times are can be extremely beneficial to you. The best time to move to a new home is to move during the time that you know most people do not plan to move on. Taking advantage of this will save you so much moving frustration and anxiety. If the moving companies are not at their busy season during the time you are moving to your new home then you will have so many more resources available to you and your family such as, boxes, packing supplies, movers at a moving company, rental moving trucks, and so on. Take advantage of any free time you can get during the slower moving times. Plan your move in the spring or fall on a Tuesday or Wednesday when most people are at work. Most likely, moving companies will have fewer reservations, so the dates and times are more flexible for your schedule and their prices will be lower, saving you money. Start your move early in the day and give yourself time to unpack enough that you will have a comfortable and enjoyable evening the first night in your new home.

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