Urban Pests: The Rise In Foxes On London Streets

There is a very split opinion regarding foxes in the urban environment. Some believe they should be eliminated as they spread disease, while others feel they are harmless enough and should be left well alone. Whatever your view, it helps to know the rules regarding pest control and how you can protect your home.

Shooting Deemed Inappropriate

Wandsworth Council has offered advice in regards to shooting foxes in the area. It has stated that shooting them would be inappropriate in an urban setting, but it hasn’t ruled it out completely. The main advice provided was to starve them. The more food that is present, the more they will return. This means keeping all garbage secure and out of reach. Dustbins have also been recommended, rather than leaving bin bags out on the street.

The advice given by the council regarding shooting foxes is to always take public safety into account. However, not all London areas promote shooting the animals. In fact, Enfield Council have made it clear that residents shouldn’t use dogs, shoot or poison foxes. All of these pest control techniques are considered inhumane and could lead to prosecution.

The conflicting advice provided in different areas has left many residents confused as to what the official procedure should be. What should you do to get rid of foxes in your garden? Is there a right way and a wrong way to go about it?

The Right Way to Deter Urban Pests

If you have noticed a rise in foxes in your garden and they have started to become a nuisance, there are a few options available. Firstly you should consider contacting a professional pest control company. They have the right experience and equipment to deal with any type of pest. You won’t get into trouble with the law as they will be up to date with the latest pest control methods and restrictions.

If you’d prefer to try to deter them yourself then there is a lot of excellent advice out there. The most effective thing you can do right now is to make sure your garden isn’t attractive to foxes. If you own chickens or rabbits, make sure they are secure and shut away during the night. Never leave food out and ensure all composting is carried out in a specialist bin. Compost piles can attract foxes to dig and create a den.

If you use fertiliser in your garden, be sure to avoid bone meal variations. Foxes pick up on the scent and to them it smells just like food. Double check that your shed is secure. It is estimated that over 70% of urban foxes are found hiding in sheds. So ensuring all outbuildings are secure will eliminate any hiding place in the garden.

Overall foxes can be a nuisance but they very rarely cause harm. If you are worried, contact a professional pest removal company as soon as possible to get the issue resolved. They can sort out the problem quickly with the right equipment.

Mark Stanford is an Area Manager for one of the leading pest control companies in London and the South East- Empire Pest Control Ltd. Mark has many years of experience in the industry and likes to offer advice on how people can avoid pest infestations throughout the different seasons.