Tips For Safer Driving

Car accidents are a part of everyday life. Drive a few miles down the highway and you’re likely to witness proof of this. Unfortunately, accidents and collisions are typically caused by someone. Occasionally a mechanical failure or poor road conditions may be the culprit in a car accident, but more often than not, car accidents are caused by a certain level of negligence on a driver’s part. Read the following steps below in order to make yourself a safer and more aware driver.

1. Decrease your Speed

Be cautious and aware of your speed at all times. Going slower can increase your reaction time if something happened.

2. Stay in your line.

There’s no need to exercise excessive lane change. Cutting others off or trying to find the fastest lane isn’t going to make a real difference, in the end. OF course, there will be times when you will have to change lines. Do so politely and cautiously. Utilizing your blinker as a declarative statement will not do any good to prevent a collision.

3. Drive with both hands on the wheel

This classic tip is important. By gripping the steering wheel with both hands, you’re giving yourself a great deal of control over the vehicle. While one handed driving may look cool, it can be the difference between an accident and not. Keeping your hands at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock is considered the safest.

4. Don’t tailgate

 Sometimes drivers will ride up closely to the car in front of them. Whether intentional or not, this driving practice is very dangerous. A sudden road hazard or abrupt stop could lead to an accident easily. This is especially true for more congested traffic.

5. Always use your signal

 If you’re not signaling properly, you aren’t communicating effectively on the road. You need to tell other drivers where you are going so that they understand the flow of traffic better.

6. Be more aware

 Don’t glue your eyes to the car in front of you and forget about the rest of the road. Keeping an eye on your mirrors and the roads ahead and around you allows you to be ready for a hazard before it gets to you. It’s also a good way to predict what will happen in traffic.

7. Do not Multi-task while driving

 As tempting as it may be to surf the internet or text on your phone, it’s imperative that you stick to driving while you’re driving. Fooling about with your iPod or phone is a huge distraction. If you need to check directions or change the song, simply pull over in a safe spot and do so. There’s no need to risk lives over a digital distraction.

8. Avoid the bad weather

 Whenever it’s possible, try and steer clear of the bad weather. The potential for an accident greatly increases if the conditions of the road are unsafe.

9. Do not drink and drive

 This might be one of the most important rules. Although it’s been widely advertised that drinking and driving is unsafe, there are still a huge number of accidents and deaths that occur every year as a result of drinking and driving. Do not drink and drive. It’s as simple as that.

Practicing the above tips will better ensure you’re safer on the road. If you’ve already been in a car accident, or if you’re a victim of a collision, you may want to follow particular steps to help your recovery process.  Personal injury attorneys can help you through that legal process in addition to giving you the advice you need.

This article was written by Sarah Murchison. Sarah is a wealth of information and knowledge that she likes to share with the world wide web. She believes that driving safety is extremely important.