Top 7 Unusual Vending Machines

Top 7 Unusual Vending Machines

These days, we don’t like to wait long for anything. In the world of high-speed internet, global connectivity, fast cars and fast food, we’ve gotten used to getting what we want and getting it quickly. If anything can epitomize our love of speedy, no-hassle buying, then it’s the vending machine. Just a few coins in a lot, a quick selection and you’re walking away with whatever drink or snack you want. In fact, so popular is the idea of the vending machine that these days, vending machines aren’t just full of snickers bars, chips and coke. You’d be amazed what you can get out of some of these machines. Here’s a list of 7 of the most unusual vending machines out there. Take a look!

Green Vegetables

Most of us are used to getting snack foods out of vending machines. That packet of salty peanuts, that chocolate bar you know you don’t really need. Well, it doesn’t have to be all bad food. In Japan, some vending machines are growing only the healthiest products. That’s right; it can be tough to get your green veggies in the city, which is why portable green vending machines are now growing them for you. Complete with interior florescent lighting, these effective sources of healthy nourishment are just a button away.


If vegetables aren’t really your thing, never fear. The French have always taken their baking seriously, and are well-known for having some of the best breads the world has to offer. A staple of the French diet has always been the cherished baguette. But what if you don’t feel like queuing up in the local boulangerie? Then get that fresh bread faster, by putting in a few coins into a baguette vending machine, which then cooks the dough for you, dispensing that hot treat as if it came right out of the baker’s oven.


The burger has long been the quintessential fast food. Instead of waiting in line at the Burger King, Moscow’s international airport is offering an even faster fix. Yes, that’s right – a hot burger vending machine. Whether you’re running between flights, or just plain starving before or after a flight, these burgers should quickly do the trick.

Live Crabs

Back in Japan, some people have fancier cravings. It won’t surprise many to learn that Japan has some of the world’s most unusual vending machines. Vending machines carrying live crabs might seem pretty controversial to some. Seafood plays a big part in most Japanese cuisine and crabs are regular on the dinner plate. In this case, cooled, hibernating crabs sleep behind a class case ready to be taken home for dinner.

Top 7 Unusual Vending Machines

Medical Marijuana

Vending machines don’t have to always be about food. While most of us might be used to picking up a coffee and a snack to go, others use vending machines for more serious purposes. In California, medical marijuana vending machines are dispensing the prescription drug to those that need it. Marijuana is legal in the Californian state, and there so relaxed about, it’s coming out of machines. “Medboxes” don’t just allow anyone to put in a few coins and come out with a bag of marijuana. On the contrary, these vending machines come complete with the latest fingerprint technology to check the identity of anyone inserting a medical marijuana card.

Ballet Flats

Here’s an unusual vending machine for women. Most of us have either suffered through, and at least witnessed, some poor woman making her way home from a great night out with tired and aching feet. Wearing high-heels can be a challenge, and a not-so-comfortable one at that. Fortunately, a small but growing number of vending machines in the States are giving women the chance to exchange those painful heels for comfy pair of ballet flats. Not only could this save you some feet ache, the shoes themselves can be rolled up and used again next time.

Gold Bars

Finally, we get to a very unusual vending machine indeed. If you thought vending machines were only for common products, then think again. One of the world’s most cherished metals used to be panned out of rivers and fought for over jewellery store counter tops. Well now, no hard labour or competition is required. Just insert your cash or credit card into the gold ATM the next time you’re in Abu Dhabi and chose your own gold bar. If Abu Dhabi is too far, don’t worry, these little gold bars are spreading to Europe and America!