Why You Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer

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If you’ve recently experienced a medical circumstance that’s caused you the inability to work, things can be tough. You may be losing wages and you might start falling behind on your bills, which is a very negative situation. Couple that with hours and hours spent in the doctor’s office, and stress in your life could add up very quickly.
If you’ve gone through a circumstance similar to the one mentioned above, you likely have either applied or are preparing to apply for Social Security disability. For many, Social Security disability can be a lifesaver because it means they can truly address their disability in order to get through it, rather than having to work through it.
Navigating Social Security disability on your own can be tough, however. With piles of paperwork to fill out and important deadlines that can’t be missed, doing it on your own can lead to mistakes which in turn will leave you with a denied application. Fortunately, there is help available when it comes to Social Security disability, and that help is in the form of a disability lawyer. If you’re preparing to file for Social Security disability, or have filed unsuccessfully in the past, check out these reasons why you need to have a Social Security disability lawyer.
Legal Advice
When it comes to Social Security disability, there are no rules about who can represent you in your case. The person representing you does not have to be a board certified lawyer, but a disability lawyer is the only one authorized to give you legal advice. You’ll get advice and help about your case on every step of the way, and your lawyer will always be there for you no matter what happens in the case.
Disability lawyers are professionals when it comes to handling Social Security disability cases, and they will know the best way to handle your case. Representing yourself in a Social Security disability case might mean you get confused by legal steps, but you won’t with a disability lawyer.
You may be under the impression that the cost of hiring a disability lawyer is too much for you. Disregard that notion, because every single person applying for Social Security disability will be able to afford a lawyer.
Most disability lawyers are so confident that they’ll win your case for you, they won’t charge you a penny unless your case is won. They won’t charge you to file paperwork, compile medical records, and perform all other kinds of hourly functions. Instead, you’ll only pay a percentage of your awarded claim if you win your claim.
Ease of Mind
Perhaps best of all, hiring a disability lawyer will let you take your focus off your case and instead let you refocus all of your attention on getting better. Your disability lawyer will do everything from filing your application to arguing your case in federal court, if it gets to that level.
Take your mind off of your case, and reduce your stress level by hiring a disability attorney. It’s one of the smartest moves you can make when applying for Social Security disability, so consult with a disability attorney today!
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  1. Ease of mind is the biggest reason I’d need one. I’m no lawyer nor know much about the law. I wouldn’t try to pretend I do.

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