Process Involves In Publishing A Book

Process Involves In Publishing A Book

Book publishing can be one of the hectic processes especially when you don’t have a committed team. It is a process of producing new work because it includes stages of development such as;

  • Acquisition- the person needs to come up with the book content and take it to the publisher.
  • Copy editing- the editor reads the work to improve formatting, style and accuracy of the text. This may involve changing the substance of the text.
  • Graphic design- this is intended to improve visual communication. The editor comes up with the best cover page and also some of the pictures, symbols, page layout and drawings that will improve in communicating the content of the book.
  • Printing- having been satisfied, the editor prints the book and it is ready for sale.
  • Marketing and distribution- lastly, you need to get personnel to distribute and market your work.

Some of the basic things you need to know about Book Publishing

  • When working with traditional publishers, they will be in charge, thus you will give up a lot of power and control. The publisher will decide the cover, the title, the design, the format and the design. You will be required to revise the content and you may end up changing things that you don’t want to change.
  • You work will get rejected again and again book publication takes enormous dedication and persistence. Many authors have been rejected many times over the years before their work was finally published.
  • You must have or be an active marketer- you need to find the best way you can market your work, if you get an established platform, you will get it much easy.

The work also needs someone to guide you, attend conferences and meet with specific authors, editors or agents who are ideal for your work. They can be your mentor who will speed up publication of your book.

You may Fail to Publish your Work if

  • Failure to attain objectivity-you need to finish you work soonest possible; ensure your work is complete within the shortest time possible. Also, you need to keep to the objective of the book when publishing so that your readers can get the message clearly.
  • Lack of a mentor- mentors are very important personnel in book publishing, they will give you guidance and enable you to see your flaws.
  • You rush to submit your wok before it is ready-this is common to fresh writers, take time to choose the best editor and agent. Ensure you submit your work when it is ready to avoid repeating which will drain you.

Self-publishing is considered more efficient because the author will keep right to his/her own work, will receive full proceeds from the book and will have total control of the work. The worst part is that author may lack best editors of the book especially if he his new in the market.

Legal Issues in Publishing

In providing work for general public, the publisher is responsible for publication that ordinary printer or shopkeeper does not. The book is not supposed to be reproduced or photocopied without the consent of the publisher. Book can also be published online; it is one of the recent developments in book publishing industry.