Top 10 Reasons To Print Your Photos On Canvas

Top 10 Reasons To Print Your Photos On Canvas

Ask anyone, what items they would carry away from their homes in the event of an emergency; and ‘family photos’ will top their list! The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ is clichéd; however, its essence never dies out! There is something about photographs of family members and pictures of ‘the days gone by,’ that’s precious to everyone. Photographs of favorite movie stars, sports persons and music icons, can get a million hearts to beat all at once! Indeed, photographs have the magical ability to touch hearts and jog memories! Canvas printing your photos can make these even more permanent.

Ask anyone who has canvas printed their photographs and they will tell you, that, there are not just 10 reasons to print your photos on canvas, but umpteen ones! Printing your photographs on canvas, offers multiple advantages. The top 10 reasons why you should do so are listed below:

Canvas Prints Last Longer and Are More Durable

One of the biggest plusses of printing your photographs on canvas is that they last longer! Even if you drop a canvas print, unlike acrylic prints, it does not get damaged. Most stores selling canvas prints do apply a coat of varnish after the final printing is completed. This protects the print on the canvas against dust, moisture and ultraviolet rays. Also, if a photo printed on canvas gets slightly crushed, it can still be straightened out unlike in the case of a paper or acrylic print. Likewise, canvas printed photographs are also less vulnerable to scratches.

The Color and Resolution of Canvas Prints Is More Attractive

Canvas printing is done today, using digital printers that print on specially prepared canvases. The printing is done in such a manner, that it produces high quality imprints of the photograph on the canvas. Canvas prints are known for their velvety feel, the riot of colors they can display and the superior image quality.

Canvas Prints Have the Preferred ‘Oil Painting’ Look

Many of us are intrigued and fascinated by oil paintings! Whether, it is because ‘hand painted works of art are known to be more costly’, or due to the ‘charm of having something exclusive in our homes’, we all want to own them!  If you are amongst those, who has always treasured having a hand-painted photograph of yourself, but find it unaffordable; canvas printing may provide you with a more reasonable alternative! Canvas prints resemble oil paintings due to the grainy look they have and when framed, it may be rather difficult for an untrained eye, to tell the difference!

Canvas Prints are Less Vulnerable to Damage from Water and Moisture

What’s great about printing your pictures on canvas is that, these are not as prone to damage by water and moisture, as photos printed on paper are. In any eventuality that water spills on the canvas, if time is on your side, it can be still be dried and rescued. In contrast, once water falls on a paper print, there is very little hope of bringing it back to life.

Canvas Prints are Reasonable in Comparison to Acrylic Prints

In comparison to buying oil paintings or even going in for acrylic prints, canvas prints are reasonable! Today, there are a lot of stores in the real and virtual world, where you can get canvas prints cheap. A lot of these are shipped at discounted prices and at certain times during the year, the stores may even be willing to slash their rates on printing jobs! What’s best about canvas printing however, is that, not only do you get to print your photograph on canvas; but also get to customize, adding names, quotations and even messages to it.

The Other 5 Benefits of Canvas Prints

The increasing popularity of photos printed on canvas today, is also a result of the other advantages canvas prints hold.   In terms of weight, canvas prints are lighter than oil paintings and acrylic prints. Likewise, these are also easier to carry around. All one needs to do is roll them up! Canvas prints offer greater flexibility, where mounting and display options are concerned. Whether you want to hang it up on your wall; mount it up on a wooden frame; or just let it sit on two metal rods- canvas printing makes it all possible! The ninth reason for printing your photo on canvas is that, these can be created easily. All you need to do is locate a store that does the job, carry your photograph with your specifications and that’s it! Finally, the tenth and most important reason, why printing your photograph on canvas is important, is because, these prints can be customized to make excellent home decoration items, as well as, superb personalized gifts!

This article was written by the Mers. J. Finn, an art lover. His hobby is printing photographs of friends and family on canvas, and turning them into home décor items.