5 Ways Technology Is Making You Safer

There is no doubt that technology has made our lives easier, not to mention saved us a great deal of money. Today, we can control lights, sprinklers, garage doors, thermostats and even give access to their home to a surprise visitor all from our smart phone. One thing that often gets overlooked, however, is how technology is making us safer. Here are 5 ways the latest tech helps keep us safe.

1. Video Doorbells

5 Ways Technology Is Making You Safer

Peepholes were a great safety innovation, but they also require you to stand behind the door to see who is there. Video doorbells allow you to see who is at the door, regardless of where you are. You can even see who is at the door when you are not at home. Thanks to motion activated cameras, you can be alerted to someone at your door even if they don’t ring the doorbell.

2. Emergency Apps

With a computer right in your pocket that can both access and store a vast amount of data, emergencies have never been as easy to deal with. Whether it’s how to deal with an injury ranging from a broken ankle to a severed limb, to a heart attack or anaphylactic shock. You can quickly and easily access information on how to administer CPR or how to prevent someone from going into shock. Even the worst injury is no longer quite as life threatening with access to emergency medical information.

3. GPS

5 Ways Technology Is Making You Safer

While not everyone wants to be tracked in a daily or regular basis, GPS locaters in many of our devices are making it easier than ever to find people that actually want to be found. Whether you are hiking in the backcountry or get buried in an avalanche, GPS locaters are the best means of helping rescuers locate you.

4. Video Cameras

5 Ways Technology Is Making You Safer

Today’s digital video cameras are cheaper to purchase and operate than every before, which means more businesses are buying them, which keeps streets safer on the whole. Not to mention the number of people that carry high powered video camera right in their pockets. With the wide array of video cameras now found in every city, criminal activity is on the decline.

5. Digital Medical Records

Even the most simple medical information like allergies to certain common medications or your blood type can save your life. Now when you are in an accident in Florida, medical centers can access your medical records from anywhere in the world. Even you smart phone can offer rescue workers basic personal and medical information, which they are now being trained to look for.

While there is, of course, some controversy over how the safety that technology provides is also taking away some of our privacy, safety and privacy have always been in competition with one another. In spite of the debate, however, there is no doubt that advanced tech is helping keep us safer than ever before.


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