6 Tips On Raising Propery Value

Every property owner needs to understand that they have the potential to raise the value of their property. There are methods homeowners can use to add property value to their investment while increasing its equity. These areas include but are not limited to land scape, beautification of exterior, updating essential appliances, energy efficient windows and doors, de-cluttering, renovations.

Land scape

If the yard appears to be well maintained with the grass being cut along with trees and shrubs being decently manicured, that is usually and indicator that the rest of the house is well taken care of. If you are not into planting annual or perennial flowers, consider low maintenance shrubs to add some character to a dull yard.

Beautification of the House’s Exterior

If there are shutters missing, noticeable cracks in windows, and/or parts of the siding are missing or has popped out of its track, leaves and debris hanging from your gutters, and clutter all around the exterior of the house, it is dramatically decreasing the show appeal of your property. Have your exterior power washed or repainted professionally. Get rid of old cars, lawn mowers, and other hoarded materials from around the house’s perimeter to bring vitality to your home while increasing its value.

Updating Essential Appliances 

Essential appliances that all homes need include water heaters, air conditioner units, and the electrical fuse box. If your essential appliances have never received a routine maintenance service, it is imperative that they stay in pristine working condition so that they will not cause potential hazards to your home. If you need to replace them, updating them with more energy efficient replacements will immediately add value to your home.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

This does not imply that you need to have all of the windows and doors in your home be replaced with a brand new installation. If that is not in the budget, having your windows and doors professionally reframed and sealed to prevent drafts and leaks could be a more affordable energy efficient solution.


If you have been in your home for a number of years, you more than likely have areas that are full of possessions that have little meaning, use, or value to you any longer. Yet, year after year, these items consume space in your home’s living areas. Organizing your home by de-cluttering down to basic essentials and aesthetics will showcase the home’s square footage potential.


This is the area where people see the quickest and largest return for adding value to their property. However, it is crucial to have a professional to at least consult you through the process if you plan to either renovate or remodel your home. If you will be doing any modifications to the structure, plumbing, or electricity, it will need to be approved by a qualified inspector to ensure that it meets code regulations.

When adding value to your home, you need to determine the value of your property by either a local real estate agent or your local government’s real estate assessor. Whether it is the exterior or interior of your property, there are simple to more complex strategies for increasing your home value. Begin with the simple exterior repairs, then move onto the more in depth interior renovations as your budget allows.

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