5 Factors To Reflect On Before Purchasing Stereo Speakers For Your Car

Regardless of gender and age, everyone likes good quality speakers in their car to enjoy their favorite tunes on the way to and from work or school. For some, the speakers that come with the car are sufficient but for many, these rarely meet their requirements. Hence, many opt to kick the factory default speakers aside and install new ones from the shop. When purchasing these speaker, it may seem that they are all the same at a first glace. However, this is not the case. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

Consider the size of the car

It is a fact that each car model is designed to accommodate speakers of a certain size. The most popular stereo speaker sizes for cars are 9 inches and 6.5 inches, which fit in the door panels. Nevertheless, some cars can only accommodate 5.25 inches. It is vital to know the exact size your car can accommodate before you go to the shop. You can find these details on the manufacturer’s manual of your car.

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For those who have amplifiers

Some car owners choose to have sound amplifiers in their cars to increase the quality and sound of their system. If you are among such individuals and in need of speakers, ensure that the speakers you purchase are powerful enough to handle your amplifier. The speakers should be able to work with the amplifier without blowing out or distorting. If you do not have an amplifier, you can pick speaker that use less power to perform and are easy to drive.
The speakers you get should be designed to work suitably with your system. You can get an expert to determine the right kind of speakers for your car.

Choose the construction of your speaker

When it comes to the construction of your speaker, you have three options. You can choose to go for a two-way construction, three-way construction or four-way construction. Two-way speakers will have a woofer component and a separate tweeter. A three-way construction includes a woofer, mid-range driver and a separate tweeter. A four-way construction involves the installation of a woofer, mid-range driver, tweeter and a super tweeter.
The more components your speakers will contain, the more the sound production will be faithful. A four-way speaker is better than a two-way component.

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Consider using component speakers

If your speakers do not have the construction rating, they are probably using a single driver to reproduce the entire frequency range. For the best quality of sound, it is best to use component speakers. Simply put, these are separate speakers made to produce different frequency ranges to achieve an overall quality sound. It is like taking the three-way speakers apart and then using a different speaker for the three frequency ranges.
Normally, component speakers have a woofer, mid-range driver and a tweeter. You need an amplifier to operate a component system so you should factor this in to your budget if you are considering getting them.

Listen to the speakers before purchase

Experts recommend testing the speakers before making the purchase. Different speakers will perform differently with certain kinds of music and in different frequency ranges. When doing your shopping for the right speaker, carry your favorite music CD or your mp3 player and listen to the music with the speakers you intend to buy. You should only buy speakers that produce better frequency response when it comes to your choice of music.
Rock music will sound different from hip-hop music in the same speaker. However, some amplifiers allow you to play with equalizers to achieve a balanced sound in any genre of music.
When it comes to buying the right speakers, you should never compromise on quality even if it means paying a little more cash. Even though it is not a set rule, in general, you will get what you pay for. Thus, do not be afraid to invest in high quality speakers. Many benefits come with making such an investment. You will be able to enjoy your music when driving your car as good as when you are at home. The speakers will last for a long time before they need any repairs or replacement.

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