OneSec App – The App That Creates A Montage Of One Second Videos

Instagram has reached meteoric heights and is one of the most successful apps on the market to date. Now, on the market there could be something that we shall all be raving about pretty soon, and indeed many people are. Who knows if OneSec app will reach the same popularity as Instagram, if it achieves its funding target. Let’s take a look in closer detail at what OneSec is capable is of.
What is OneSec?
You may have seen a video floating about the Internet of a one-minute vacation. Developers Vidar Andersen and Francis Dierick have designed the OneSec app in order to create immediacy with video, something they strongly feel is lacking at the moment.  Spotting a gap in the market and realizing that video footage is often time consuming especially in the editing stages, and this is why many people favour photography. When people go travelling, for instance, they would probably prefer to record video, but might be deterred because of lengthy editing and uploading. OneSec is trying to make the whole process of filming and sharing a video easier and quicker.
It’s all about the money
The developers, back in August created an Indiegogo funding project (via Dvice) to raise funding for the project. Unfortunately, it didn’t reach its target of $12,358 so we can only assume the project has gone on the backburner for the time being.  The idea behind the app was that users would have to shoot a series of one second videos to create the montage. However, part of the criticism and perhaps a reason why it didn’t achieve full funding is that one second is too short and perhaps two seconds would be more appealing for most people.
The idea still remains very appealable, especially as a photograph can only convey so much information. Shooting video, especially on a mobile phone can be difficult and the quality can often leave a lot to be desired. OneSec would combine the simplicity of a photo with the advantages of a video. Shooting video is often less immediate than photography, and this is why the pair felt the need to develop an app that creates immediacy. Hopefully, the pair will not be disheartened by not reaching their project target but will manage to secure funding from elsewhere and develop the app before someone else beats them to it!
Do you think OneSec app is a good idea? Would you download it. We’d love to know your thoughts, please comment below.
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