How To Overcome Morning Laziness

When I got up this morning, something felt wrong; something was out of place. I tried to smile, standing in front of my mirror. But, instead of looking fresh and healthy, I looked dull and tired. I felt as if I don’t have sufficient energy to get through the day. I knew this was such a day, where all I wanted was to lie down on my bed, doing nothing. And, my impulse told me to take a break from work, and relax…

Wait! Before you call your boss, pause and think for a second. You are almost going to turn a healthy, productive day into a lazy, dry day.

You can get rid of this laziness pretty easily. To keep your body alert and warmed up, it’s important that you give adequate supply of healthy foods and fluids to your body along with proper and timely exercise.

Start your day with a warm-up

Studies have proved that morning warm-up or exercise is good to keep your body energized throughout the day. It helps you with an increased blood flow and keep your metabolism up.

A Hot Cup of Coffee/Tea

A hot cup of coffee/tea, will be the perfect way to start your day. There is nothing better to get you energized like a hot poured, perfectly blended cup of tea or coffee.

Head Outdoors

Step out to your balcony or garden while enjoying your morning caffeinated hot beverage. The outdoor morning view is going to blow your mind, for sure.

Focus on Nutritious Diet

The feeling of laziness may also point towards your body’s reduced energy level. To overcome this it is important that you provide your body with a fixed amount of sufficient nutrients, every day, like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, through which  the body derives its energy.


Dehydration, mild or not, is enough to get you all dreary and dull.  This can even lead to sleeplessness and fatigue. So, grab a glass of water or two, every time you feel thirsty. Alkaline water is known for its rich antioxidant content, and is preferred to boost your health and energy.

Add some Green

A houseplant can help you filter the pollutants like volatile organic compounds and ozone. The plants are capable of eliminating those harmful chemicals out of your room that can have both long-term and short-term effects, like energy-draining allergies and headaches.


How tired you feel, try to smile a while. There is no better medicine for your dullness other than a good laugh or a hearty smile.

Take a Cold Shower

Many researches have shown that a three minute long, cold shower will be helpful to counteract even chronic fatigue. A cold shower in the morning will get you fresh and ready for the long day ahead.


As Benjamin Disraeli said, ‘Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.’

Feeling lazy is natural and common, but it has the potential to completely consume you, if you fail to treat it at the right time. So, instead of allowing laziness to drain you, make your mind up to fight it.

Maria McCarthy, an enthusiastic academician and health blogger, finds special interest in exploring and writing articles about health and nutrition. She also works for a wellness company named TyentUSA and is responsible for product quality assurance.