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Human Relationships:

While we are the most intelligent species on planet earth, we perform to the best of our creativity to attain success in every endeavor we take up. But, when we see around the neighborhood, we would see evidences of broken interpersonal relationships not only in families, or between spouses, or between siblings, but also in the workplace where we want to outdo the other for the sake of showing our power and position. It is this aspect of human mind that causes more and more problems not only in families but also in the society. The acceptance of who is bigger or who is better seems to be the one root cause of the problem even among spouses or would be spouses. In order to help such people, there are many counseling centers available that are committed to help them to understand each other better and this requires knowing the mind of the genders and what they mean by what they say.

The Help:

The help to solve some of these serious issues has been the research and analysis of many psychologists and many have done a lot of studies on this particular field so as to provide a smooth relationship especially between the spouses. As in nature, the genders are created differently. They are equal but they are not similar. The relationship builder helps you to understand just that. It is important to know how the genders evaluate each other for a long time commitment such as a marriage. What attributes do they look for in the opposite gender in order to choose them for the marriage. All these are quite clearly explained. The whole e book is in the format of a report which is available online. It can be downloaded on to your system, and it requires just your e mail and they will send it directly to your inbox.

The e book:

The e book is organized into a six chapters or modules and it is compiled and written by the author Michael Fiore. He is well known all over the internet as well as in the television where he was a guest in the Rachel ray show in the year 2011. The most interesting feature of the e book is that it gives more importance to the use of text messaging in order to win over the person who has just called it all off. It gives suggestions and tips to be followed to achieve the objective.

There are many reviews available on the internet about this e book and there are many videos which can be seen in order to understand how people have benefited from the tips and advice. There are many how to do tips and suggestions which are very easy and could be followed by anyone. These suggestions are f those who want a serious long term relationship such as a marriage and for those who cheat around.


Texting is given more and more emphasis and the author is very particular about it as it conveys what you cannot convey verbally or in person. It will encourage the receiver to go back in the past and check for the happy moments and then remind them about the good old days. This is quite similar to the art of writing letters in the past, and people used to write very beautiful letters and were read and appreciated for their writing style and usage of words.

As they say communication is what keeps the relationship together and in order to achieve the same, a relationship builder proves to be of immense help.