Tips For Keeping Pests At Bay

No one likes seeing various insects and other pests parading around the home. It can be unsanitary and just kind of creepy, no? For the most part, keeping the problem in check involves simple measures that any homeowner can do. The key is being consistent. Here are just a few ways to keep your home free of these nuisances.

Clean Floors

Keeping your floors clean is a great way to keep pests away. When you spill something, make sure you wipe it up with some soap and water, and not just a rag. Even the littlest morsels or specks of tasty beverages is enough to attract critters.  Do a thorough cleaning of floors at least once a week—make that twice for the kitchen.


It is best to keep all fruit in the refrigerator. This is especially important when it is ripe, as this is the prime time critters will be drawn to it. Any food that is outside the fridge should be secured—make sure lids are tight or items are kept in sealed containers. Any sort of bagged food should be transferred to a container or the whole bag kept in a container.  Keep an eye on fruits and vegetables brought into your home. Many infestations are caused by unknowingly bringing bugs or their eggs inside through bags or boxes. This is a common cause of cockroach infestations.

Ideally you want to clean your dishes immediately, but if you tend to leave a sink full for awhile, make sure the dishes are submerged in soapy water.

Keep It Dry

Lots of pests are drawn in by water, so keeping the home dry is important. Wipe up spills immediately. Fix any leaks. Don’t let standing water accumulate for too long a period.

Seal Up the Home

Sealing up your home is not just about enhancing energy efficiency, it is a key defense against unwanted creatures taking up residence in your home. Lots of little cracks and what have you may not strike you as problematic, but all sorts of things can squeeze in there So, take some caulk and seal up any cracks in cabinets, pipes, baseboards, fittings, ducts, door frames, roof joints, and window frames. Check the exterior of your home carefully for any visible cracks and close them up.  Put screens in front of heating and cooling vents; if you already have screens, make sure you patch up any holes. Did you know a mouse can get in an entrance just the size of a dime?

Keep the Outside of Your House Free and Clear

Keeping the outside area of your home clear is another important tactic. Don’t stack up wood next to your home—this is a common point of entry for termites. Keep the yard clear of leaves and other debris. If you have plants near the exterior of your home, trim them back, lest you give those creatures an easy point of access to your home.

While there is a lot you can do on your own to keep the problem at bay, it is important you call for help when the problem gets out of hand. At some point, home remedies may not be sufficient, and professional treatments become necessary. The important points for hiring an exterminator apply whether you are looking for pest control in Phoenix, Philadelphia or anywhere in between. Check Better Business Bureau Ratings; make sure they have experience with your type of infestation. Look at customer review sites such as Angie’s List.