Tips For Buying A New Mattress

Are you ready for a good night’s sleep? Buying a new mattress can help you rest better and improve your mood. Picking the right mattress for you can also improve your alignment and reduce lower back or neck pain. Before you start shopping for your mattress follow a few simple tips. As with any due diligence campaign it pays to get as much accurate information as possible to make an informed, confident choice.

Replace Every 8 Years

Holding on to mattresses longer than 8 years may cause materials in the mattress to slowly degrade. Unless you want a lumpier, less comfortable bed and poor night’s sleep upgrade your mattress after this time frame elapses. You can replace the mattress sooner if you are feeling cranky much of the time, are sleeping poorly or are experiencing considerable lower back pain.

Replace the Box Spring Too

Box springs should be replaced within a similar 8 year time frame. Compressed springs from consistent usage change the form of the box spring. This can result in over springiness or less springiness through the box spring and mattress. After sleeping on a mattress each day for a period of years the box spring experiences great wear and tear. Toss out the box spring when you ditch the mattress.

People’s Tastes Differ

Contrary to popular belief a firm mattress isn’t necessarily the best mattress for you. Each person has different comfort preferences. Some like a softer, gentler experience while other folks prefer a firm, if not stiff, mattress. Choose the best mattress for you by deciding on your preferences before shopping around in a show room.  Whether you wish to choose the Personal Comfort Bed versus the Sleep Number Bed or any mattress type build a clear picture of what you want in a mattress to make the right choice.

Allergen Alert

If you have any allergies look carefully at the label to see if the mattress materials contain any of these allergies. Fungi, bacteria and dust mites can all find homes in certain mattress materials. Use a mattress cover or choose a hypoallergenic mattress to address your allergies.

Complement Your Body

Choose a mattress which fits your body type. The mattress should spread pressure evenly throughout your body and complement the curvature of your spine. Ask someone to come to the store with you during your mattress shopping trips. When you’re lying in a comfortable sleeping position ask them if your spine appears to be neutral. Seek out neutral spine alignment to find the right mattress for your body type.

Take a Mattress for a Test Run

Spend time in show rooms resting on mattresses for 10 minutes or so to get a feel for the comfort of each mattress. Just like you’d never buy a car unless taking it for a test drive you should never buy a mattress unless you’ve rested on it for a period of time. Relax in a showroom for a while. Find your sleeping position, relax and take it for a test spin.