How To Find Inexpensive Car Parts

Finding quality car parts while shopping on a budget takes a bit of legwork on your part. Do research online and pay a visit to the local yard to get your due diligence campaign up and running.

Pick the Right Junkyard

Junkyards can be full service operations or a “pick your own parts” type business. Choose a yard based on your level of experience with car repair. Are you ready to bring your own car repair tools with you to yank parts from automobiles? If so, go for it. If not you’ll be better off visiting a full service junkyard to receive help in picking your parts. Serviced junkyards provide you with your parts at the front desk as workers in the yard pull your desired parts for you. Understand that this level of convenience will cost you more money.

Non-serviced yards are lower cost operations which are increasing in popularity. If you want to save a few bucks and learn more about automotive repair you can find inexpensive car parts at these businesses.

Make sure to call the junkyard beforehand to see what the shop specializes in. Some junkyards focus on tires, others engine work. Other shops specialize in high end auto parts while a few focus on domestic car brands. If you need a specific part for a less popular car do your legwork on the phone or online to save yourself a few trips to the junkyards. Since wrecked cars arrive frequently ask when the new junked autos typically arrive to see whatcar parts are in stock. Since these shops buy abandoned and crashed cars frequently most junkyards are quick to earn a tidy profit on selling parts from their investments.

Research Junkyards in Person

Get a feel for local junkyards which offer your desired car parts by paying an in person visit. You’ll be asked to sign a waiver releasing any business liability if you experience an injury in the yard. If you use common sense and avoid dangerous situations, as well as doing something stupid, you’ll have a safe experience in the yard.

You may also pay a small fee to enter the yard. On entering you’ll see common vehicle parts from junked cars. Autos with high accident rates or cars which break down frequently are common sights in a junk yard. Some yards separate vehicles by manufacturer or point of origin while less orderly yards do little sorting. Check the price board to see the generic prices for different parts in cars. Since dealers care little about where parts originate you can see massive savings versus a new car part for a well-known, premium brand.

Inspect parts thorough before finding the perfect match. Look for signs of excessive wear or damage. Even though you wish to buy on the cheap you don’t want to find yourself in the junkyard three weeks later to replace the faulty part again. Once you feel comfortable with the right part for your ride you can make payment and either fix your car or bring the part to a certified mechanic.

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