Staying Healthy On The Road

After you get your CDL and begin driving, the Department of Transportation requires a physical every two years. If you don’t pass, you may be allowed to only drive for a shorter amount of time before you will need another physical.  Whether you are looking for an owner-operator trucking job or you want to drive for a company, it’s important to stay healthy and keep your blood pressure under control so you can pass your physical. Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy blood pressure.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy can be a challenge when you’re on the road, but there are some actions you can take.

  • Cut back on unhealthy fats and added sugars
  • Reduce your sodium intake by not adding it to food you cook and checking the levels on food you buy
  • Choose meal options with more veggies and bring fruit along for your drive

Lose Weight

Eating healthy is a major contributor to weight loss. Try to choose foods that have plenty of nutrients and fiber. Fiber helps you feel full and helps the colon work properly, which can help with weight loss. Exercise is also important to losing those pounds and losing even just a few will help to lower your blood pressure. You don’t have to exercise for a long time; several short sessions can do the same amount of good.

Get Good Rest

Everyone knows that sleep is essential for staying healthy and performing on the job, but did you know that naps can lower your blood pressure too? Your blood pressure is highest in the afternoon, so a long afternoon nap is never a bad idea.  Being well rested is great for your safety too.