5 Gadgets To Help You Stay In Shape Over The Holidays

It is the holiday season and that means a lot of good food going straight to your waist. Over the last couple of years, new gadgets have been introduced into the market that can make getting in shaping and staying in shape a lot easier. Below are a few categories of these gadgets and how they might be useful for you.

Activity Trackers

How many steps did you take today? How was your sleep last night? When was the last time you stood up and walked around for a bit? These are questions that activity trackers can answer.
These are usually bands that you wear on your arm. They track the number of steps you take each day and you can sync the data with your computer or your phone so you can see how well you did. Some of them can also track how well you sleep and even quietly wake you up by vibrating your arm. A couple of them will remind you to move for a few minutes each hour.

Smart Scales

The dreaded scale has evolved. Now they have scales that can track not only your weight but your body fat also. And they can connect to the internet and upload the data to a website so you can view the information at any time.
The data can even be synced to third-party websites right along with the data from your activity trackers. Then you can have one place to see how healthy your lifestyle is. These are great motivators to keep going.

Muscle Stimulators

Ever heard of Bruce Lee? One of the methods he used to use when he did his strengthening exercises was adding electricity. It would stimulate the muscles and make them stronger a lot quicker than exercise alone.
That concept has been perfected as muscle stimulators. They attached to your body with electrodes and stimulate your muscles while you are doing your other strengthening exercises. The exercises become more efficient and build muscle faster. The more muscle you have, the faster you burn calories.

Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors have been around for years. However, they are much more portable and affordable today than they were back then. There are even apps for smartphones with LED flashes that can monitor your heart rate now. But for exercising, you will want a device dedicated to it.
Heart rate monitors usually have a band that attaches to your chest and then they connect to another device such as a watch.

Waterproof Headphones

Music is the ultimate motivator when you are in the middle of a workout. It can set the rhythm of your exercises so you can pick songs that help you move faster and then add in songs that mellow you out.
The problem is that we all sweat and people who swim usually can’t listen to music at the same time. There are headphones that are waterproof. There are even headphones that use bone induction to send the music to your ears so that they can be fully immersed while you swim the entire pool.


There are gadgets to track your daily activity, track your weight, stimulate your muscles, monitor your heart rate and provide you with music. Each of them serve a purpose in improving your ability to exercise.