6 Cancer Fighting Foods

6 Cancer Fighting Foods

Diet and lifestyle can play a big part in whether someone gets cancers. In the same way a smoker would be advised on how much potential damage it does to the body, having a poor diet can dramatically change and increase the risk of someone getting cancer. This goes for people who are both overweight and those who just have a generally poor diet where processed foods and drinks make up a large part of intake.

Here are 6 foods that are attributed with helping prevent cancer or are seen as boosters to lead a healthier lifestyle that can reduce the risk of cancer.


Don’t think that eating a bag of salted peanuts will be a good idea. You want to eat peanuts without any flavouring i.e. unnecessary sodium, in your system. Peanuts, almonds and seeds that you can chew on as a snack are a great way to get Vitamin E in to your system. Vitamin E is seen as a cell strengthener in the same way calcium from milk helps strengthen bone cells. One easy way to get that added boost of Vitamin E is with a spoonful, or ‘knifeful’ of organic peanut butter.

Sweet Potatoes

Not only do they taste better than a regular potato, but sweet potatoes are chock full of vitamins and nutrients that your body will clamour for in more ways than a portion of fries ever could. A roasted sweet potato is a great way to get increased fibre and is a source of beta-carotene, an antioxidant which is just the kind of thing your body needs to fight off any disruption. A simple meal of sweet potatoes and beans will see your fibre levels skyrocket and your body working better to break down everything with seemingly less effort.


If there was ever a reason to eat your greens, broccoli is proof that those little bundles of green goodness will fight off anything. It is loaded with fibre and a simple sugar called galactose. For being a natural sugar is does a fantastic job of helping the liver lower toxic levels and catches on to nasty agents in the stomach which can lead to tumours. Think of it as a brush that sweeps away all the bad stuff.


Just like sweet potatoes, carrots are a great source of beta-carotene. They won’t help you see you better at night, but they will provide you with enough nutrients to reduce the risk of almost every cancer from neck to waist. Just make sure to eat them raw. Boiled carrots, as with most other vitamin rich vegetables, dramatically loser their nutritional value when boiled for a main meal.


Not only does it make any dinner taste better and leave you with enviable breath, but garlic is the best weapon in the line of defence against cancer. Compounds inside garlic increase the activity of the cells that keep your immune system in check. What does that mean for cancer creating cells? They’re inadvertently (in a good way) broken down and gotten rid of them. This would mean that if bad cells where trying to latch on to say a prone area of the stomach at risk of mutating cells increasing, those compounds would attack and reduce the risk.


The next time you’re offered guacamole with your burrito, get a good scoop of avocado put on top. Avocados have a lot of glutarthione, which is an antioxidant that can stop parts of the body from absorbing fat. And what does less fat mean? Less chance of cancerous cells latching on to vulnerable areas. And if you don’t like guacamole so much, the tomatoes in any salsa are a great source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that can reduce mosts cancers with multiple servings a week.

Dean Ambrose is a blogger who gets more than his 5 a day by finding out just what foods do more for the body than expected. You can find out more about treating cancer by visiting http://www.theloc.com/cancer-treatments .