Summer Cupcakes: 5 Of The Most Bright And Sunny Cupcake Ideas

Summer may not seem like the obvious time to get baking, but with plenty of parties and events on the horizon, it’s the perfect time of year to show off your cupcake crafting skills. If you’re short on inspiration when it comes to creating bright, summery and fun cupcakes, then don’t worry! We have five of the best summer cupcake ideas ready for you to try.

Flower power

Floral cupcakes are the perfect summery treat. Take inspiration from the great outdoors and decorate your cupcakes with edible blooms that wouldn’t look out of place in a picturesque summer field. Roses, daises, sunflowers – the only limit is your own imagination. If you are a dab hand at creating wonderful delicacies from icing or buttercream, then some culinary floristry will be the ideal way to give your cupcakes a summer overhaul. So whether it is your own garden or one of your favourite beauty spots, let Mother Nature inspire your latest baking adventure, and embrace the power of flowers!

Life’s a Beach

When we think of summer holidays, a sunny beach is often the first thing that comes to mind. So why not bring a little of that holiday feeling to your baking with some simple beach themed cupcakes? Topped with scrummy edible ‘sand’, these tasty treats will conjure up memories of holidays past, and excitement for holidays yet to come! Alternatively, if you are having your cupcakes professionally baked and decorated, your baker will be happy to work with you on the design of your cakes, using their creativity and skill to bake your beach themed delights. Topped off with a cocktail parasol, these are cupcakes that just scream summer!

Fresh from the Grill

With the sunshine heralding the start of the BBQ season, why not look to your favourite BBQ foods if you are low on cupcake inspiration? No, we haven’t gone mad, before you ask! It’s possible to create delicious replicas of your favourite savoury dishes in cupcake form. All that is required is some serious suspension of disbelief! So whether it is hot dogs, burgers or anything else that you love to eat al fresco, unleash your imagination and create some cupcakes that no foodie will forget!

Ice Cream Treats

Now that we’ve got you thinking outside of the box, how about some more summer food to model your cupcakes on? Ice cream cupcakes are certain to get people talking, and they will taste just as good as the real thing! Flat-bottomed ice cream cones provide a great alternative to traditional cupcake cases, and once your cakes are baked and cooled, it’s time to go all out with the decoration! Buttercream topped with sprinkles, sweets, sauces or even a Flake – this is not a cupcake for the faint hearted. There’s something else that’s brilliant about a cupcake like this though – no melting in the sunshine!

Summer Fruits

If you have read through our list of summer cupcake ideas but are yearning for something simple and refreshing, then why not opt for a fruit-topped cupcake? With this choice of cupcake, the number of flavour combinations are almost endless. Why not go for an adornment of tropical fruits, or evoke the spirit of a certain tennis tournament with a strawberries and cream style topping? Whatever your choice, it will look great and is an effective way of persuading fussier eaters that eating some fresh fruit really is something to look forward to.

Now that we’ve shared our five favourite summer cupcake ideas with you, there’s no reason for you to delay your baking a minute longer. Whether you use some of the ideas here or if they inspire you to come up with your own summery sweet treat, your family and friends will surely be impressed! Oh, and if you decide to taste one (or two!) before you share them out? We won’t tell!

Eloise Durrant is the Founder of The Gourmet Cupcake Company based in Chelmsford, Essex. Eloise is an incredible baker and offers a range of baking and decorating courses, as well as specialising in creating beautiful and delicious cakes.