Block Paving VS Wood Decking: Which One Is Better For Your Garden?

Wooden Decking for rural environments, block paving for Urban Environments

If you’re in a rural area of the country or your home is surrounded by trees and dense plants, it makes sense to choose a wooden deck, as this will look more harmonious with the rest of your garden.

Block paving may look more Harmonious in Urban settings

However, if you live in a big city with a compact garden and low fences, it may make more sense to choose block paving, especially when you consider the fact that wooden decking will raise the level of your garden to a certain degree. Of course, a wooden deck is also a great way to bring some natural beauty into an urban area, particularly if the rest of your garden is concrete or consists of non-wooden materials.

Wood is a renewable Energy source

When you purchase wooden decking from a sustainable source, you are helping the environment. 90 percent of the timber used in Britain’s wood industry comes from European forests, which are expanding at a rate of more than 660,000 hectares each year. To give an indication of just how much this is, every hour, European forests are increasing at the size of three football pitches.

Block paving is particularly Strong

One of the great advantages of block paving compared to wooden decking is its durability. While high quality wooden decking can still look excellent for many years, block paving is much heavier and will be more resistant to the elements like rain, ice and snow, hence why it is often used in industrial settings and locations like airports and manufacturing venues. Wood may also be less resistant to high usage, especially if you have pets, and may be more prone to scratches and minor imperfections over time.

Wooden decking is perfect for Slopes

Raised wooden decking is a more suitable option for gradients because it will blend in with your natural environment, whereas concrete on a gradient may look unsightly and could be expensive to install due to the need for extra paving and support.

Choose wooden decking near a Swimming Pool

If you have a swimming pool in your back garden, water will be absorbed much more quickly on a wooden deck compared to block paving. By minimising the amount of surface water, you can minimise the risk of any accidents and injuries in your garden.

Uneven block paving could also attract unwanted visitors

Block paving may become slightly uneven over time, leading to the formation of puddles after rainfall or after you’ve watered the plants. It is also important to bear in mind that any areas of open water (with the exception of a chlorine-filtered swimming pool!) can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes in the summer months, so consider this if you live in an area with a relatively high mosquito population (i.e. homes near marshlands in Kent, Essex and Suffolk).

Why not get some professional advice?

Sometimes it can be difficult, almost impossible, to decide between one option and another when both have so many benefits. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professionals, who can provide you with comprehensive, honest advice, whatever you have in mind. Sometimes, it is also worthwhile asking friends or family to voice their opinions on whether your garden could look better with block paving or wood decking.

Neil Hodges is the Director for Block Paving Maintenance based in Witham, Essex. With over 25 years in the industry, Neil is extremely knowledgeable and takes pride in all of the work he carries out.