Seven Fruit Trees To Successfully Plant In Arizona

Homeowners all across America enjoy planting fruit trees in their yard for the purpose of enjoying the taste of fresh fruit they have grown themselves, to enhance the beauty of their land and raise the property value of their homes. Some homeowners in the lovely state of Arizona worry that they can’t grow healthy fruit trees on their property due to the state’s desert climate. Fortunately, there are actually several fruit trees that can be planted and will thrive in the state of Arizona.

1. Pomegranate

Many people plant these pretty rounded shrubs to double as a provider of fruit as well as a hedge. If you decide to plant several to serve as a hedge or border line for your yard, then you need to be sure to plant them at least 4 feet apart from each other to allow for appropriate growth. Each shrub can grow up to 8 feet high. These grow quite well in soil with a high alkaline content, thrive in all-day son and need very little watering.

2. Apricot

These trees not only produce a delicious fruit, but they are also often used for landscaping due to the lovely white or pink blooms they sport during the spring season. While they grow quite well in the desert climate, they do prefer a minimal winter chill for the best overall results. You can expect your trees to grow up to 20 feet high.

3. Figs

This is an extremely fast-growing tree that can reach 30 feet in height. Quite pretty with wonderfully large leaves and a big solid trunk, this tree will grow quite well in the desert climate. You will want to plant it near a south-facing wall while giving consideration to leaving room for the large trunk it will eventually form.

4. Plum

While these will produce a good amount of fruit in a hot climate, you will get the best results and the greatest abundance of fruit if a winter chill is present. You can expect your trees to grow up to 15 feet high. If you aren’t interested in growing fruit to eat, then you can still enjoy the beauty that ornamental plum trees provide as they also grow well in the area.

5. Citrus

Orange, lime, lemon and various other citrus trees all grow well in areas that provide warm winter weather. However, you should select your varieties carefully as some can experience growth difficulties in areas with consistent high temperatures.

6. Peach

You can begin to expect a good amount of fruit from your peach trees 3 years following planting. Each tree can reach up to 25 feet in height, but you may find them more manageable if you keep them pruned to under 12 feet high. Dwarf peach trees also grow well in the area.

7. Nectarine

These trees are well-known to be extremely high producers, so you will most likely want to limit yourself on the number of trees you plant. You will need to prune these trees back every year as fruit will develop only on the first years growth. Expect your trees to grow as high as 25 feet tall.
Arizona homeowners should feel comfortable planting any or all of these fruit trees. If you still have questions or concerns, you should speak with your neighbors who have planted fruit trees or your local plant nursery or gardening center. Be sure to follow planting and care instructions carefully, and you will soon be able to enjoy your beautiful new fruit trees.

Dan Riggs has always loved landscaping and as a result, founded Scottsdale Tree Trimmers to pursue his passion. Aside from tree trimming, Ryan also loves hiking and rock climbing at Camelback Mountain near Scottsdale.