Five Reasons Why You Should Invest In Solar Panels

Over the past couple of years the Government has championed the notion of home owners using an alternative energy source. This is where the growth of solar panels has rocketed over the UK, however not everybody is sold on this new renewable energy source.
If you are not entirely sold on the benefits of solar panels for your home, or your just interested in how renewable energy works read below for five key tips on why you should consider investing in solar panelling.
Invest to save
One of the most common reasons why people avoid purchasing solar panels is because they believe the initial cost will create a hole in their financial savings. When approaching something new it’s easy to see the possible negatives first before actually researching the facts. At first the investment of solar panels may seem expensive, however you can expect to greatly reduce your electricity bill meaning you can save money over a long period of time.
Reduce your carbon footprint
With the installation of solar panels you can greatly reduce your carbon footprint.  You may not know this but solar panels reduce the amount of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrous dioxide which is let off into the earth’s atmosphere, meaning you can become more eco-friendly!
Reduce the effect of energy prices rising
With the current economic crisis taking its toll on the UK, energy suppliers have to increase their prices in order to stay afloat. Investing in renewable energy means you can avoid the influx of pricing which commonly happens throughout the year by making your own energy! Reduce the stress of rising bills by taking charge of your own energy.
Receive money to generate energy
You can receive money to generate your own energy- sounds to good to be true right? Well not in this case- in the UK you can take part in a revenue scheme known as Feed in Traffic (FIT) which became available in Britain on the 1st of April 2010. This scheme means energy suppliers have to make regular payments to consumers who generate their own electricity through the use of renewable or low carbon sources.  Meaning that the initial capital outlay of purchasing a solar system is reclaimed much quicker.
Solar panels can architecturally be designed for your home
The most common reason behind why people are doubtful about investing in renewable solar energy is because they are put off by the look of solar panels. In the beginning solar panels did stand out when they first came on to the market, now it’s more common to drive down a street and see more homes with solar panels placed on their roof. You can now purchase panels which are architecturally designed for your home, such as unique solar materials specifically created for your roof or you can now purchase solar tiles! This development means you can now be eco-friendly without impacting upon the aesthetics of your home greatly.
Purchasing solar panels is a decision not to be taken lightly, investing in renewable energy is a step forward which is being encourage for all households to adopt. Make sure when you invest in renewable energy sources you read all the facts.
Written by Leisha Hankin, a journalist turned copywriter for CTS Renewables, a supplier of Solar Photovoltaic cells and the highest quality service.