Send Your Message In A Handmade Card

Think back to your experience with giving handmade cards; what memories come to mind? Perhaps it revives memories of your mothers ecstatic voice as she exclaims proudly to anyone who would listen, “look what my baby made me for Mother’s Day!” Possibly it recollects a special handmade Valentine’s Day card you created to show your special someone how much you loved them.  Whatever memories are conjured up, the common factor is that whomever was on the receiving end of the card was elated by the thought that you put into the gift and the uniqueness of the card itself! Of course, with busy work schedules, kids, and the fact most of us do not have a ready supply of glitter, glue and crayons; this card is a less frequent gift given. Also not all of us are the crafty, artistic type and the very thought of creating a card overwhelms us; however handmade cards are available to be purchased to help us left crafty folks out.

Handmade Card Ideas

The idea behind a handmade card is to give a special message in a one-of-a-kind card, rather than a mass produced purchase that includes the price of your thought on the back of the card itself! When you calculate the expense of mass produced cards and weigh that against the reality that it will most likely be displayed briefly before making its way to the recycling bin, a handmade card appears to be a more valuable investment.  As you may have realized when reflecting back on your own experiences of giving handmade cards; these were the cards your loved one inevitably cherished and stored as a keepsake, rather than tossing them into the trash.

Unique Gift For Woman

It is common knowledge that women tend to be sentimental in keeping cards that made the biggest impression, or sent the sweetest message. A scrapbook, a shoebox or even displayed later in a frame as artwork, are just a few places your handmade card may wind up. Women appreciate the beauty and detail with the message your card will send. While mothers, wives, daughters and sisters are sure to adore, don’t rule out the possibility of handmade cards being great gift ideas for him as well! While less forthcoming with their sentiment, men possess this trait too, despite their constant protest.

Occasions Calling For Cards

Typically we think of holidays as being the time of giving cards. While that is an appropriate time to show you care, it doesn’t have to be Christmas time or a birthday for you to let someone know you are thinking of them or appreciate them. At a time when a loved one is sick, leave a memorable impression of care and concern. When a friend has helped out or just lent a listening ear, send them a special thank you and let them know you cherish them as a friend. Or for absolutely no reason at all, other than you are simply just thinking about someone, let them know by sending them that message!

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