Multi Room Audio – For Those Demanding More!

We all want more from our technology; no longer are we prepared to make do with tinny sound and white noise! When it comes to multi room audio, we are no different and there are, fortunately, some great systems on the market for home and business that means great sound reproduction and choice.

Getting it right means doing some planning beforehand, from the features you want to the installation you will need, and the system that will best serve your needs.

Zone your Home

To thoroughly plan your multi room audio system, you need to consider the number of rooms or zones in the house of building where you want the system to be. Smaller zones – 2 to 4 rooms – are relatively simply to kit out but larger areas from 4 rooms or zones upwards will need additional hardware, speakers, planning, software and skilled installation.


Do you want to have the same music playing in all areas, or do you want different sounds in different rooms? Will they come from the same source? For example, you may want the radio in the reception area but a CD in the clinics. Or may be at home you want the radio playing in the bathroom, computer music files blasting in the kitchen and soothing CDs in the lounge. Make a list of what sources will be used where but don’t forget, the more complex the system, the more installation costs could be…

Wireless or not?

Wireless has the reputation at one time for being infuriatingly unreliable but no more! Catching up with its wired counterpart, wireless multi room audio systems are becoming reliable, with great sound quality, control and flexibility. It may be the solution for you!

In wall or bookshelf speakers?

Some people like the look of the latest speakers and make them a feature in the rooms, whilst others prefer a more hidden approach. In wall or in ceiling speakers tend to be less conspicuous but those speakers placed on shelves can be replaced with upgraded models far easier.

DIY installation or not?

And finally, is the decision whether to create your own system and install yourself or opt for the services of a professional company. Both have pros and cons. After all, it is your home or business and if you have the skills, time and the kit then why not? On the other hand it would be sensible to think of jumping in the phonebook or the internet to search for an experienced company for the audio installation, but it depends on your budget and capabilities.

However, there are many people who recognise when they are defeated and would like a truly professional job completed. The hiding of the cabling is usually the biggest bugbear of a DIY job. The excitement of the job being nearly finished can take over and before you know, you are listening to different music in different rooms BUT the plastering and the conduit still needs finishing, with cables swinging freely

Author, Steve Bateman has served as a professional installer, and has created amazing multi room audio systems, as well as installing extras that will make the listening experience even better. Steve suggests you consider getting the experts in and creating a brilliant multi room audio system especially for you, unless you have full confidence to go it alone.