Does Your Transcriptionist Keep Making These 4 Mistakes?

Are you a frequent consumer of transcription services? Perhaps you require transcripts for backup purposes or filling. Whatever the case, you must be looking for good audio typing services. If you are like some people that do not have time to transcribe all their audio tapes, then perhaps you have chosen to outsource to a third party transcription company. Well, outsourcing transcription services can save you time and money. This though may seem like a farfetched dream if your audio typist provides transcripts that are much like drafts because of the amount of work required to perform edits and proofing. That is likely to be the case if your typist keeps making the following mistakes.

Skipped Audio Sections

Transcribing audio files can be challenging in many ways. If the audio file itself is of poor quality, then this makes it hard for the transcriptionist to hear the words as spoken. In other cases, it can be hard to catch the words of speakers that do not have a fluent accent of the given language in which the audio file comes in. Whenever faced with such difficulties, transcriptionists all too often leave out the difficult to hear sections. Leaving out sections of a transcript file may be tolerable sometimes, but if your documents need to be complete, then it may not be desirable to have some parts skipped. What a professional transcriptionist should do in such cases is include timestamps to help you know whatever sections were left out.

Inaccurate Transcript Content

Another mistake that is commonly while going through a transcript is inaccurate data. This can occur if the typist lost concentration or due to in ability to hear the source material. However, even a minor transcription error can be a disaster. This is often the case when dealing with figures.

Transcript with Spelling and Punctuation Errors

Transforming audio files into text is not always easy. This is because spoken words in a dialogue are quite different from formal written text. In an exchange of words, several speakers can start statements and not finish them, or even changed what they wanted to say in the middle of a sentence. While there is a room for not following grammar rules when transcribing spoken text, this does not mean that transcripts should be riddled with punctuation or spelling errors. If your audio typist produces such mistakes, chances are that the final copy did not go through proofreading.

Improper Transcript Format

Poorly formatted transcripts can be a pain to correct. They range from text spoken by different speakers starting on the same line, to leaving out timestamps.

If your audio typist performs these mistakes frequently, it could either be due to one of two reasons. First, too many mistakes in a transcript are the hallmark of an armature. Secondly, you may not have provided adequate instructions when outsourcing your transcription work. If that were the case, a professional audio typist should nonetheless ask for as much information before commencing on the transcription work. To avoid these challenges, it is advisable to seek audio typing services from a professional company.

Aidan Campbell is a medical secretary based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She outsources plenty of transcription related tasks in her line work. When in need of an Edinburgh transcription service company – 1st Class audio typing agency is where Aidan’s seeks professional help.