Instructions On How To Sell Tickets Online and Make Money

Instructions On How To Sell Tickets Online and Make Money

You can make a profit with a little start-up money by selling tickets online for popular concerts and sporting events. Anyone can start the ticket selling business if they have sufficient capital and the technical expertise. In this article, let us see in brief how making money by selling tickets online.


  • Do your research to get to know what tickets go on sale soon. You can do this in Google, or any other great place you prefer.
  • Find out the events that are taking place to sell out. The highly-marketed concerts sell out usually. Also, it is guaranteed that the significant sporting events sell out soon. Enter as many lotteries as possible since many events require entering into a lottery. You can also look for big artists performing at small venues. It is great for a ticket reseller to supply and demand for a huge name of a small venue.
  • Buy the tickets. You can do this usually in Go to any of your preferred website and refresh on the buy page before the start time.
  • Try to download different browsers since many ticket buying and selling websites do not allow more than a transaction simultaneously. To perform more than one transaction at the same time, you may need different browsers. Three chances are better than one at tickets. So download Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • Now sell the tickets. If you want your money back right away, then you can use EBay since there you can get payment via PayPal instantly, whereas you will not get paid by Stubhub until the buyer receives the tickets.
  • Always remember to keep the records and avoid the losses. To keep track of what you have sold and for how much, you can simply set up a spreadsheet in Excel which is one of the great way. You may go wrong about the supply and demand of the tickets sometimes and may have to sell at a loss. This is ok; just try to ensure that at least you sell the tickets. It is worth getting positive feedback from Ebay.
  • Look for a credit card which gives you rewards for spending money. Also, take advantage of the moving money and product. On top of all the profits you get, this can be a great benefit you makes through buying and selling the tickets at


  • Research is the key. Do not expect to sell out the tickets because you are a fan of them.
  • Beginners can try Stubhub since it provides free shipping and requires no contact with the customers.
  • Established names are the best, especially with middle-aged fans, that is the one who can afford for the tickets.
  • Each state has its own laws for the resale of the tickets. You can check out laws or legality for reselling the tickets in your area. Most of them do with the location of the venue of the event and not with the address of the purchaser.
  • You may receive emails from people sometimes telling that how immoral you are for overpricing the tickets. Remember that the market determines the price and it is not you.  It is a simple supply and demand. You are just getting the best tickets for people and providing them a service.

In short, selling the tickets online for the concert and sports events are the great way to make extra money, to work from home and to be your own boss and make the profit. If you want to know more details on how to sell the tickets online, you can do your own research online and get to know various things.