London’s First E-cigarette Coffee Shop Opens

London's First E-cigarette Coffee Shop Opens

Shoreditch High Street has just seen the opening of a new coffee shop, Vape Lab, which sells not only great coffee but also electronic cigarettes. The interior looks great, sleek and stylish and this is the place to go whether you are a seasoned vaper or want to find out more about it. For people giving up tobacco, electronic cigarettes are a really sensible alternative, giving all the feel of smoking a ‘real’ cigarette with none of the health risks. The social side of smoking tobacco has almost disappeared now, with smoking inside cafes and bars being banned, but this cafe is the first step to putting the conversation back inside and not crouched over a filthy ashtray in a rain-lashed temporary gazebo in the yard.

Paris Comes to London

The owners of Vape Lab are French and have seen vaping cafes open in every quarter of Paris in the last year or two – opening one in London seemed to be the next sensible step. Some people have criticised the venture, but in general it seems to be well-received and for anyone who enjoys the Continental ‘cafe culture’ this is the place to be. The electronic cigarettes they sell are elegantly designed, with a sleek brushed metal finish. They also sell various liquids to use in them, flavoured in a range which encompasses custard and Cuban tobacco, absinthe, gin and coconut. For new vapers it is great to be able to chat to someone who is so enthusiastic and anxious to help; even websites as comprehensive and easy to use as Prestige Vaping can be a little daunting to a newbie. There are over thirty vaping cafes in Paris and the owners of Vape Lab are already planning their next one.

Bring your Own

Although the electronic cigarettes on sale at Vape Lab are the ones the owners would prefer you to use (obviously) these are not the only ones you can use in the cafe. The owners are very keen to get the smoking world vaping instead – their opinion is that in five years, there will be no tobacco smoking. This is perhaps over-hopeful but the trend is certainly in that direction and many quitters, ex-smokers and even current smokers who would rather chat with friends in the warm and dry will certainly welcome the opening of more vape cafes. The Shoreditch cafe is perfectly placed for City types out for lunch and a big part of its charm is that people can go out for their break, get their nicotine fix, check their emails, have a chat and a decent cup of coffee without ending up wet, cold and smelling of second-hand smoke. For couples or friends where only one is a smoker, this is also perfect; a chat and a cup of coffee inside is something that is a rare pleasure for them and Vape Lab fills the gap. Soon, vaping cafes will be even more common on the High Street than Starbucks and Costa – now, that would be something!

Article written by Rebecca Fearn, specialising in lifestyle blogging including the new vaping trend. She often writes for Prestige Vaping.