Importance Of Choosing The Right E-Liquid Nicotine Strength

Importance Of Choosing The Right E-Liquid Nicotine Strength

The main purpose of electronic cigarettes is to draw heavy smokers away from the traditional tobacco rolls to a less toxic alternative. The e liquid found in electronic cigarettes only contains nicotine and not tar or the other harmful toxins found in normal cigarettes. However, if you want to make the switch, it is essential you find an e liquid with the nicotine strength you are used to. Smokers are very particular in the type of cigarettes they buy. With all the available cigarette options ranging from unfiltered to mild, smokers spend time ensuring they choose the perfect cigarette. In the same way, electronic customers should also ensure they choose the appropriate nicotine strength. Below are reasons why it is important to find the right nicotine strength.

To Prevent Falling Back

With the right level of nicotine strength you will be able to walk away from traditional smoking and significantly reduce the chances of falling back to that awful habit. All health professionals advice smokers to use replacement nicotine products that contain the same amount of nicotine as the originally used cigarettes. This helps to ensure a successful transition from tobacco-based cigarettes to other healthier options such as electronic cigarettes. Using electronic cigarettes with the same nicotine strength as the previously used traditional cigarette gives the body the nicotine shot it is used to, thereby preventing cigarette craving. With time the nicotine strength can be reduced gradually until you quit the smoking altogether.

Helps Avoid Compensation Smoking

Depending on the number of cigarettes smoked daily, your body is used to a certain amount of nicotine. Therefore, when you choose an electronic cigarette with lighter nicotine potency, you are likely to engage in compensation smoking. This means that you will resort to smoking normal cigarettes in order to make up for the level of nicotine the body is used to receiving. Compensation smoking is counter effective to the purpose of switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. What’s even worse is that instead of helping with the quitting processes, it actually makes it more difficult to quit smoking.

Too High Is Too Intense

If you are currently using a light tobacco-based cigarette, switching to an e liquid with high nicotine strength will be too intense for the body. The high e liquid strength will overload the body with more nicotine than is was initially used to handling. The throat hit will also be too much therefore making using the electronic cigarette uncomfortable. You may also feel light headed after using the electronic cigarette due to ingestion of too much nicotine. This may cause you to dislike the electronic cigarette and go back to traditional cigarettes, when in fact you are just using the wrong nicotine strength.

Nicotine has everything to do with the performance of an electronic cigarette as it delivers the throat hit sensation. Due to that reason, it is advisable no to go too far up or down the nicotine strength that you are used to handling. When in doubt of what e liquid strength to use, your manufacturer or retailer of choice can point you in the right direction.

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