Some Air Conditioning Tips

Choosing the right air conditioning unit is something which should always be left to the professionals. You might think that by buying the biggest air conditioning unit you’ll be able to cool a room or even the home better than if you have a smaller unit. But in many cases you’d be wrong, An air conditioning unit which is oversized for the room it is expected to cool will likely perform less efficiently than a unit which is a smaller size and has been sized by a professional air handling technician.
The following are a few air cooling tips which will help you stay cool throughout those warm summer days (and nights).
To save money on your air conditioning set your thermostats as high as possible so you stay comfortable but aren’t too chilly. Remember, air conditioning shouldn’t make you feel cold, it is designed to give you a comfortable environment in which to live.
Where possible use normal house fans to circulate the cool air throughout the home. This often works best at night. If you have a loft fan installed make sure this is operational and dispersing the warm air which has accumulated in the loft space throughout the day.
Make sure your thermostat positioning is ok. This means making sure it is not affected by heat from TVs or lamps and also from cool draughts from doors or windows.
If possible try to mount the exterior part of your air conditioning unit in a shady spot. If the external fan unit is mounted in the shade you’ll save around 10% in electricity costs than one which is exposed to direct sunlight.
Through the sun’s peak hours try to shut curtains or blinds to stop the heat building up in the home. Remember to open curtains and windows in the early morning or at dusk when the air outside is cooler than is in the home.
If you are going away or are out of the home for large parts of the day it’s best to invest in a programmable thermostat which can only turn the air conditioning on when you need it. There’s no point cooling the house if no one’s home.
If your air conditioning unit hasn’t been serviced for a while there’s no time like the present. If your air conditioning unit is not serviced it won’t be working at peak efficiency, meaning your energy bills will be more expensive. Servicing can also stop problems occurring as the engineer will likely spot problems before they cause a system failure.
Harry White is an air conditioning installer, he wrote this article on behalf of