How To Prepare You Yacht For Summer Sailing

Summer is the time for vacations, be it travelling down the road to a sea side resort, or flying to a foreign land. Many people make the most of the glorious weather to take a trip somewhere exotic. If you feel you want to go abroad, without having to fly but want to go far from home, perhaps taking a holiday on board a yacht would entice you? For those who already own a yacht, and wish to have a vacation on the sea, have you prepared your boat? We have compiled a few tips that might help you prepare. Following these tips will enable to you have a relaxing and easy holiday.

Supplies and equipment

Before taking the boat to the water, take the time to verify you have the right supplies on board. Whether renting, or owned, run an inventory check to make sure you have everything you need.

Ensure you have working and functional equipment such as VHF radios, mobile phones and that you have up to date maps/charts.

The boat should be stocked with emergency equipment such as life rafts, vests and flare guns.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to bring everything that you would like with you. Some boats are not big enough, so bring the essentials only. While some days at sea can be extremely hot, the night can get quite cold, so bring enough clothes to keep warm and to change in the event of wet weather.  Heavy equipment and supplies should be firmly secured.

Examine entire Boat

It is advised to schedule more time than you expect when it comes to maintenance. Ensuring that the boat engines and equipment is up to quality standards is important. Check the engine and the battery for any faults, while at sea you should perform daily checks. Make sure you know your location in the event of emergencies. If the engine has not been used for a number of months, a full service should be carried out beforehand.  Check the tank level to ensure that you have enough fuel and freshwater and keep extra supplies in case of emergencies.
Sails and rigs should be thoroughly checked over. Check the rig from the deck level and from the mast, this will give you a chance to spot any damage or hairline cracks. Check the visual condition of all terminals and fittings. Service the deck equipment by checking winches and examining for any damage. It is advised to regularly clean the deck with freshwater as salt water residue can be a cause of premature deck hardware failure.

Test run

Taking the boat out to test the engine and equipment to see how they fare is a good idea. This will give you a chance to evaluate if there are any repairs needed to the yacht. It is also a good idea to plan a route of where you want to go, using up to date maps and charts.
A vacation on a yacht, sailing into warm weather is meant to be a fun and memorable holiday. Following these tips will ensure that you have a relaxing and safe time. For further information, please follow this link

Harry Price is a guest blogger and personal trainer. He enjoys living life as a bachelor and playing competitive poker with his mates on the weekends.