42u Server Rack Solutions

If you are looking to expand your business network, or if your business focuses primarily on offering networking space, it is necessary to integrate large server racks. The size of a server rack is measured through units, or “U.” Each “U” is 1.75 inches in height and is able to hold a different piece of equipment. Some pieces of equipment require just one “U,” while others require multiple units.

A standard server rack is generally going to be 42u, or 42 units high. So, if you are investing in a 42u server rack cabinet, having some particular 42u server rack solutions on hand should help drastically improve the way you are able to run your office network.

There are different options available for properly maintaining the equipment, you just need to determine which one works best for you and your particular size of unit.

42 U Server Configuration

The configuration and setup of your 42u server rack depends on much many of the racks you are going to use. In general, a traditional blade is going to run anywhere from 4u to 10u, which means you can fit anywhere from 10 to four different blades into the rack.

Of course, you need to have other networking equipment inside of the rack, so chances are you need to have at least two different racks right next to each other, at least for a smaller business. The connection solutions with a two row configuration is going to be significantly different from the configuration you might use in a larger setup.

Row Rack Cooling

When you have two 42u server racks next to one another, there is usually a space with cable connections running between the two. You also do not want each to be placed right next to one another as this builds up the level of heat running between the two, without any sort of air filtration between the two.

There is a spacer option that can be constructed in between the two racks. In essence, it looks like a sandwich. This is also going to help with the cooling process. Behind the server rack there is a direct influx of air which is pushed into the rear of the rack. This stays directly behind the rack and pushes the hot air forward, out through the front of the server racks.

With this set of construction, the cool and is able to move over the rear of the blades and other server hardware, plus it can also move over the cable connections as well. All of this is going to help peek your network cool.

Large Room Cooling

With the large networking room, you are going to have two different rows of 42u server racks. Each row is parallel to the other with the rear facing one another. A clear door acts as a buffer between the two rows and a glass top covering the top. Cool air is forced in through the middle and pushes outward through both rack rows to ensure all of your racks are cool.

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