Best Gadgets For Your Car

Be honest. You’ve watched a James Bond film and you were envious at the hundreds of gadgets he had in his car. Just pulling them out as and when he needed them, they’re quite flashy. That’s ok, we’re all jealous of Mr Bond. Sadly, we don’t have a cracking super genius on hand that will develop flashy tech that we can use in a traffic jam. However, we’ve compiled a list of five gadgets that will bring you that one step closer to feeling like a super spy.

1. Contigo Auto seal Travel mug £25

Tired of having no place to put your hot coffee, but in your lap? Worried that the flimsy plastic lid will split, pouring boiling water all over your legs. Worry no more! The Contigo Auto Seal is on hand to prevent spillage. With a slick mechanism that will let you hold and sip with one hand while driving, the seal instantly closes the second you move your finger away from the button. This makes spilling your much needed hot beverage nigh on impossible. It comes in an attractive stainless steel silver container, which can hold 83 percent of a pint capacity. It is also vacuum sealed, keeping your warm drinks hot and your ice cold drinks refreshing.

2. Parking sensors from £100

We all wish we had eyes at the back of our heads, sadly, evolution has not progressed that far, yet. Squeezing into that tiny space in the car park, where even a mouse might have trouble, is a problem of yesterday. These sensors will guide you into tight spots and alert you if you are nearing another car. They notify you with a series of beeps how close you are getting to a wall, car or bollard.

3. OBDLinx MX by Scan Tool £100

For true James Bond effect, this little tool can be plugged into the on board diagnostics port and creates a wifi network that will send data about your car straight to your phone. It can tell you how the car is performing and if you’re feeling a little brave, control the cars internal computer. It’s easy to install and simple to use, and comes with free updates that make sure you’re getting the latest software.

4. Tomtom Go Live 1005 £249.99

The Tomtom has always been the excellent driving companion. The price of this little road whizz covers the worldwide map database which features maps from a variety of locations. At 5in, the screen is bright and comes with a trip advisor, traffic updates and search options for restaurants and shops. Getting lost will be a thing of the past with its route advisor.

5. Parrot Mini Neo Kit £69.99

Turn your car into a mini, mobile office with this little gadget. Clip it your dashboard or windshield and use it to charge your smart phone. Another handy feature is the voice activated call controller. It will also let you play music straight from your phone.

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