How To Create A Beautiful Bathroom On A Small Budget

How To Create A Beautiful Bathroom On A Small Budget

You may have seen many of the amazing possibilities available to you for creating your dream bathroom.  However, what if your budget doesn’t match your dreams?  How will you be able to create a drop dead gorgeous bathroom fit for a queen or king?  Jim Gibson from shares some great tips that prove it is possible to create that beautiful and relaxing oasis right in your very own home without breaking the bank.

1. Colour Scheme

First consider the current colour scheme in your bathroom.  Could it stand to be refreshed?  A bold and vibrant colour scheme can really make a strong statement, especially if a feature wall is created that complements your current colour scheme.

2. Words Speak Volumes

One way to make a very creative look is to make use of a fashionable trend where there is a feature wall created along with lettering or stencils to spell out your statement.  You can find stencils for sale at many home decorating stores that can be used effectively and simply.  Depending on what your final goal and theme is, you might be creating a calm oasis or fun family bathroom.  So how about “relax” for the former and “splash” for the latter.

3. Splash Of Colour

Maybe you don’t have the money or time to repaint your bathroom completely.  If this is the case you can still add a few touches of color to your decorating scheme.  A feature wall painted lime green will add a nice zest to the room.  Consider the towels and bath mat.  They don’t even have to be expensive.  Many home stores have bathroom linens and towels for sale at very reasonable prices and decent quality.

4. Accessories

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to give your bathroom a new look is to find some nice accessories to add to the room.  Little things really can make a big statement.  Choose your colour scheme or decorating theme.  Maybe you would like your bathroom to have a beach theme.  When you are at the beach, bring some items home with you and place them in a glass bowl for viewing.  One nice touch is to have a dish with beach pebbles or shells on it.  Starfish are also a nice touch.

5. Say It With Linens

One very easy way to update your bathroom and introduce a new colour without having to repaint is to get some nice new bathroom linens and towels.  You’ve probably been using the same ones for years now.  It’s time for a fresh, new look.  If you are going for the natural look, choose a neutral colour scheme of browns and beiges.  Or you could go for bright turquoise bath towels if you really want to make a colourful statement.  Complete your look with complementary toilet mat and bath mat.

6. Create A Mosaic

What about a mosaic for something completely different.  You can use tiles in other places besides the walls.  You can make a mosaic-framed edge for a mirror in whatever colour scheme suits your bathroom.  The nice thing about mosaic is it isn’t necessary for them to be perfect.  You can also feel very proud that you have been able to create your very own masterpiece for your bathroom.

7. Create Your Great Escape

Whether you are designing a bathroom just for you or one for the entire family, if you want the room to be a peaceful place to relax in, here are a couple of very easy ways that you can transform the room in a place of relaxation and tranquility.  Simple tea light candles make a wonderful effect.  Just turn the regular lights off and use the candles to create a nice ambiance.  The candles should complement the colour scheme of the bathroom.  You may also want to choose candles that have a soothing aromatherapy scent to them as well.  Make sure the candles are in a safe place so that they can’t start a fire.  Turn on some calm music, shut the door and lay back and relax in a warm bath to soak your cares away.

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