The Vauxhall Van Range 2012

Vauxhall was first established in 1897 as an engine manufacturer and later, in 1907 became Vauxhall Motors Limited. They began in Luton, England, and still have a manufacturing base there today as well as in various other places throughout the UK.
The Vauxhall van range includes 5 different vans; Corsavan, Astravan, New Combo, Vivaro and Movano. Below is a little more detail about each of these vans and their specific strengths.  
This van is the smallest of the 2012 range, but gives you a surprisingly large amount of room. The vehicle’s compact size means it’s perfect for busy city streets as well as large open roads.
The Corsavan is designed to minimise running costs, and the inside is built for ultimate driver comfort. With supportive seats, creative designs and plenty of storage room for paper work, drinks, and many other essentials, the Corsavan is a top choice for a stylish yet compact van.
The Astravan comes with a choice of 4 different engines including eco and CO2 friendly. This modern and stylish offering is so easy and smooth to drive that you may forget you’re driving a van at all!
Its chic design offers an impeccable image for a professional business and it comes with a surprising amount of storage space. The interior design is faultless and comfortable, and it is evident the van was created with the driver always at the forefront of the designer’s mind.  
New Combo
The New Combo van is a class leading design from Vauxhall. With more room than ever before, and allowing up to one tonne capacity, this van is the perfect choice for any small businesses out there.
When you’re buying a New Combo van, you have a choice of two lengths, two heights, four diesel engines, and manual or Tec shift transmission. With so much choice the New Combo is designed to fit the customers’ needs perfectly. 
The Vivaro is a leading player in the medium-sized van category. This Vauxhall design is stylish, modern, and will enhance the look of your business as well as being exactly what you need to transport all your equipment.
It is a very versatile van that is made to do a lot of miles, yet has an eco-friendly engine so you’re not harming the environment too much! It is even a popular choice of van among government departments, such as the police.

The largest of the Vauxhall van range is the heavy duty Movano van. Carrying up to 4.5 tonnes this vehicle gets the job done quickly and easily. The 2012 range is also built with even more cabin comfort, so those long journeys won’t be hard or uncomfortable, regardless of how long you are on the road.
Again, the Movano comes in a variety of heights, lengths, colours and models. So with such an abundance of choice, you can have a van that fits your personal specific requirements yet doesn’t sacrifice comfort or its sexy look. 
The above are the five vans in the Vauxhall 2012 range. All of these fantastic vans are made to maximise driver comfort, look good and yet still be versatile in the loads they carry.

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An Article by Natalie Moody, who suggests visiting the Northern Motors dealerships and their websites when buying Vauxhall vans.