Is It Time To Hire A New Digital Marketing Agency?

Is It Time To Hire A New Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital marketing has gone through many changes over the years. Today, almost all parts of digital marketing campaign can be measured. This makes it easy for you to determine if your spending marketing budget wisely or the funds are just going down the drain.

If your present digital marketing agency is not providing you with reports showing where your money is going to, and the outcome generated because of the campaign, it could be time to cut off your relationship and find a new agency.

Here are Top Three Reasons That It Is High Time to Hire a New Digital Marketing Agency

  1. You Are Not Provided With Detailed Reports on Link Building Campaigns

Search Engine Optimisation is great, and if your website appears on the first page of search engine results, it will provide your website with high quality organic traffic. Every marketing agency will submit to you a SERP report that will show your present rank as well as the movement of all keywords that are being targeted for your campaign.

However, only a reliable digital marketing agency will show you the links that they have created to reach the rankings. If they insist to hide their link building strategies, it is time to find someone else, because what they’re doing could be risky and dangerous for your website.

  1. The Agency Is Not Creating Segmented Lists of Leads

Email marketing is an effective way to slowly build your relationship with your customers and educate them about your products or services, with the primary goal of transforming them into actual customers.

In creating a list, it is crucial to take available data and do segmentation of the leads to be categorized into groups based on their interests and activities. It’s possible to keep track of the responsiveness of every lead including how often they read emails, and if they respond to the content that you have sent.

If a potential customer is opening every email you have sent, and clicking over your website each time, he or she is considered a high lead. The chance to convert them into a customer is higher than those leads who never opened your emails. Building segmented lists and sending customized messages to them will significantly improve your campaign. If your digital marketing agency fails to do this, then it is time to look for other options.

  1. The Agency Is Not Giving You Access to Important Data

There are clients who are totally not aware of what is going on with their digital marketing campaigns, because the agency is not providing them access. Clients are often sent with generic reports each month, which showed them how much money was spent on the campaign, and the results.

It is recommended that clients must have direct access and logins to the tools used by the marketing agency. Transparency is crucial in digital marketing campaigns, and if you have direct access you can easily look at each data available, and not only the data provided in the monthly reports. These reports are designed in a way that makes impressive, but you can’t verify that unless you scrutinize every data.