How To Choose The Best Wood Cook Stove?

Are you planning to use a wood stove for heating or cooking purposes? The reason why many people are being attracted to this option is the fact that firewood is available for cheap and it is available widely. That means with wood, you can save yourself a lot of money. These stoves can offer you a reliable source of heat even if the power goes out.

Choosing the right wood stove can be a tough decision, even if you wish to use these stoves for the purpose of heating or to replace your stove. They are available in lots of sizes, shapes and materials. When so many of them are available, then how do you choose the one that is best?

Every homeowner would search for the stove with the following set of requirements:

  • It must look good
  • It must be efficient
  • You must enjoy cooking on it
  • It must fall within your budget range

Well, these are the typical things to look for when purchasing a wood stove, but there are some other important things too that will influence your purchase decision. Here are some of them:

Reliable Dealer

Before selecting any stove, you must first find a reliable dealer. You will have your own set of personal preferences and these preferences are going to influence your final decision. But when you will choose a reliable dealer, then you can get a guarantee that the stove you choose is going to be good in quality. People, who are in the business of wood making, can give you a useful suggestion in choosing the best wood stove.

How To Choose The Best Wood Cook Stove?

Shop for Brand

The next thing that you should pay attention to is of course the brand. The company or brand you choose should have at least experience of 20 years in making wood stoves. Such a company will offer you warranty and when needed, it will also offer you replacement parts. A branded company would be reliable indeed, because such companies can do anything to satisfy their customers.


You must explore the features of the wood cook stove before choosing it. Here are some of the features that you must always check:

  • Material:  These stoves are found in material like soapstone, iron cast, or steel. Do some research on the characteristics of each of these materials and choose the one that is more durable and efficient in performance.
  • Combustion system: The wooden stoves are said to release smoke and sometimes ashes too. You must talk to the dealer about the combustion system of the stove. It must have a proper route to channel out the smoke and ashes.
  • Heating capacity: This feature counts a lot because heating up the wood stove can be a lot challenging. Find out the heat output rating to see whether the stove is capable of performing well and if it can meet your needs.

With these tips, it would not be a big deal to find yourself the best wood cook stove.  Just do proper homework and follow these tips to find the best stove.