How To Build A Comprehensive Home Security System?

In recent years, surveillance systems are no longer operated by the rich and famous. We can now find security cameras in the living room of average individuals. These systems have become reasonably affordable. In fact, standard windows alarms now cost just as much as a couple of cheeseburgers from McDonalds and this isn’t an exaggeration.

We can also purchase simple magnetic components and contacts pads from department and hardware stores at bargain bin prices. Installing them is reasonably easy even for people who have limited skills in working with electrical or mechanical hardware. Installing home security surveillance equipments shouldn’t pose much of a hurdle, because they include very clear instructions. There should be minimal cabling and we could install them with a few screws, a silicon gun and wood glue.

Installing contacts should be our first priority, because they may represent our first-line of defense in deterring criminals from breaking into our house. Motion detector alarms are often used as a second line of defense, should they are able to cut or smash the glass of our windows. These security devices are reasonably affordable. There are other more sophisticated models, such as Ultra Wideband (UWB) radar detectors.

These gadgets emit radar signals and any intruder will bounce the signal back to the receiver. The alarm siren will be activated when someone or something moves across the detection field.

A more common variety in current home security surveillance systems is PIR motion detector alarms. PIR is passive infrared and these devices sit passively, while scanning a specific are to detect object based on their hear signature. It means, the device could tell a difference between a dead mannequin and a real person. PIR motion detector alarms will sense any disturbance when burglars enter our room.

Nanny cameras have been evolving rapidly in recent years. At first, they could only provide us with pixelated, fuzzy images. Right now, they can produce better image quality and even see things that our eyes can’t. It is also easy to rig the camera to stream the footage across the web; this allows us to see our babies while we are at the office or distant places in different continents.

Security systems also come with looped recording system, which can record gigabytes of footage for future reviews. This is possible because the price of hard drives is already reasonably low.

Still, we should also consider the most cost effective solutions for our house. If we have multiple expensive items inside the house, it is quite likely for burglars to try to break into our house. Door/windows alarms, standard security cameras, nanny camera, PIR detectors and motion detector alarms should be well integrated inside our security systems. The configuration should also be well-designed, so we can eliminate redundant equipments inside the room.

As an example, there are security cameras with built-in motion detection feature, so it may not be necessary to purchase separate equipments.

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