How Stress Can Affect Your Body

How Stress Can Affect Your Body

What is stress? This is a common question that people ask. Stress can be termed as the state of trying to adjust to abrupt change of environment. Stress always happens due to change in circumstances. Many individuals experience stress in their day to day life. Stress helps individuals manage and have solutions to issuesaffecting them. Stress may be thought of an illusion as it can neverbe touched but seen by the specific individual being depressed. Inlife every individual has stress; the only factor that matters ishow to deal with it and its effects in our body. The effects ofstress in our body can be both positive and negative. They include:-

Reducing in Body Size

This is the most experienced effect of stress in the body. In manyinstances, individuals who are stressed will tend to reduce in sizeand weight. This happens mainly because the mind is occupied in deepthoughts hence taking up a lot of energy. The maximum consumption ofenergy will make the body breakdown calories to release more energy.This will thereby reduce the size of the body. The reduction in sizealways takes place in a very short time and other people will noticethe change as soon as it happens. The reducing in size is alsoanother way to know that an individual is stressed up.

Dull Functioning

When an individual is under stress the body will be weak and dull.This happens mostly because an individual will concentrate to the maximumon the issue affecting him. This will give him no room to participatein other activities. An individual will tend to isolate himself fromother people and will always want to be alone. When engaged in anactivity he will not perform well and will always be seen looking disturbedthe only way to help this is by making the individual share theproblem affecting them with another party. This will make them feel relaxed andreduce the dullness in them.

Health Reduction

A greater percentage of individuals across the world have stress, and94% of them have health issues. An individual will have persistenceheadaches, high blood pressure and adversely and will be deranged ifthe matter gets out of hand. Yes this is very true. An individualsuffering from deep stress will get to an instance of going mad whenthe issue is not address in time. Although this is a rare case, italways happens leading to mental disorders. Therapy and plenty of carewill help individuals having deep stress get out of it and get normalbut otherwise, the issue will get even worse than ever.Stress has plenty of bodily harm than good. The effects may bephysical, psychological and in diverse cases mental disabilities.These issues can easily be addressed to avoid the worse. Otherwise in asimple way always share the issues that tends to give you stress earlyenough to prevent the extremes. And just to advise you, prevention isbetter than cure. And always keep your EHIC card with you in any medical emergencies.