Interesting Flowers and Cake Combinations To Gift On Your Wife’s Birthday

Interesting Flowers and Cake Combinations To Gift On Your Wife's Birthday
Birthday is the celebration of life and it becomes even more special when your beloved wife is the birthday girl. To make this day memorable you need to fetch a heart-warming gift that conveys your truest feelings and lets her know how much you her in your life. A girl leaves behind her entire life to procure a place in yours and she deserves every bit of love and happiness on this day. It is your duty to make her feel exceptional on this auspicious day. Now it is time to return some of her favors and reflect gratitude through your gifts. 

Interesting Flowers and Cake Combinations To Gift On Your Wife's Birthday

Let us know some of the gift ideas that will make your wife fall for you all over again.

Flowers: Flowers are one of the most thoughtful gift ideas and women always love a bunch of freshly picked flowers. Flowers give out rejuvenating and positive vibes and evoke your soul. A bouquet of red roses is enough to convey the love you carry for your wife in your heart. Orchids, tulips, peonies and lilies are some great alternatives to consider as well.

Cakes: A birthday is incomplete unless there is a cake-cutting involved. Cakes are a great way to show the kind of affection you have for a person. The enormous amount of flavors you get these days may add up to the confusion. So it is better to select a cake that your wife favors the most.

Here are some interesting birthday flowers and cake combinations to gift to your wife:

  • Bouquet Carnations and Fruit Cake
The subtle hues of the carnations will complement the freshness of the fruit cake. You can never go wrong with a fruit cake until the fruits are fresh. The carnations will definitely add up to the romantic mood and will help you earn some brownie points.
  • Red Roses and Red Velvet Cake
Red Velvet cakes are one of the trendiest cakes in the market. The color and the texture take a lot of credit for that. Red is the color of love and you cannot have enough of it on your wife’s birthday so why not top it with some red roses.
  • Orchids and Chocolate Cake
Orchids are the most luxurious flowers your wife can get on your birthday and you would want to be the one behind who holds that bouquet. A chocolate cake never fails to impress and thus makes for an ideal cake selection.
  • Lilies and Butterscotch Cake
The pure white color of the lilies will go well with the off-white butterscotch cake and will bring in a very calm and serene atmosphere. The creamy texture will leave you mesmerized as it melts in your mouth.
  • Gerberas and Vanilla Cake
A vanilla cake exhibits sophistication and class. With minimal detailing you can convey the amount of love you have in your heart. A vanilla cake may seem a little dull for a birthday party but not when you team them with a bunch of gerberas.