Get Inspired with these Awesome Examples of Flyer Designs

Flyers are one of the most popular and most effective ways of advertising. They’re great for companies and individuals who don’t have a huge budget for advertising, and they can reel in some very impressive results when used correctly.
Flyers are used by thousands of companies around the world each day, and with so many flyers in constant print and distribution, you need to make sure yours stands out from the crowd, otherwise it’s not going to be nearly as successful as you’re hoping for.
In order to design a successful flyer, there are a number of things you should keep in mind; firstly you want to make sure your flyer is eye-catching and attention grabbing, you want anyone who catches a glimpse of your flyer to stop, pick it up and want to read your flyer. Secondly you need to think about the information you’re presenting on the flyer, do you have all of the essential information there? Have you got too much information there cluttering the flyer? And last but not least, where you’re going to have your flyers printed – this is just as important as the design process… you could have an impeccable design, but if it’s a low quality print or poorly printed, then it’s just going to end up in the trash. It really has to be perfect to serve its purpose effectively and make a lasting imprint on the readers mind.
I’ve rounded up a number of awesome flyer designs to help inspire your creative side and give you some fresh ideas for your own flyer design project. As you’re scrolling through these examples, make notes about each design – what grabs your attention, why it’s original, what you like about it etc. and then incorporate these into your own design.
You’ll notice that all of the designs are very good at grabbing your attention through great use of colour, shapes and typography. On to the designs:

Now that you’re feeling all inspired, open up your graphics editor and start designing your flyer!
Once you’ve finished your design and you’re looking for a company to print your flyers for you, make sure you use one with a by-hand quality check – like – that extra quality check process will guarantee your printed flyers will come out looking just as crisp as they do on the computer screen. Once you’ve finished your flyer design, why not upload it and share it with us in the comments section below, we would love to see examples of your own creative flyer designs!
Author Bio: Nathan Daniels has worked in design and marketing for the past 10 years. He enjoys keeping up to date on everything to do with design, print, technology and creativity, and you can find him blogging about these things regularly here and at other top blogs around the web



  1. I really like the game night flyer! I love the colour and the simplicity of it!! 😀

  2. These are some really unique and creative flyers and this is true that a great flyer can only be created by excellent design combine with high quality printing material. If a flyer lack in any of this qualities it can never impress its target audience.

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