How Investing In A Cinematic Wedding Film Can Showcase Your Wedding’s Theme

A cinematic wedding film is vastly different to a standard wedding video. Gone are the long, shaky shots of guest after guest walking into the church, replaced by sleek, stylish film techniques. If your wedding has a particular colour scheme or theme, then this is the perfect style of film to commemorate it, as it is easy to incorporate elements such as music, voice-overs and much more into the video.

So if your special day does have a certain theme that you are keen to show off, how exactly will a cinematic wedding film accentuate that?

Lights, camera, action!

With a cinematic wedding film, far more visual techniques and effects are used to give it that ‘feature film’ look. The theme of your special day can be shown off in a number of ways using these. If you are getting married in an out of this world location, a dramatic exterior shot could be used to set the tone for the rest of the video. Or if you are basing the theme of your wedding around certain colours, those can be picked up and accentuated to make your wedding look just as people beautiful to people who could not attend, and are watching the video for the first time.

It’s all in the details:

With any wedding, there are little details that perhaps only the bride or groom notice, and it can become easy for them to become lost in wedding videos that just capture the big picture or overview of your special day. With a cinematic wedding film, you can accentuate these little details and make them just as big a part of remembering your special day. Close-up shots of the flowers, place cards at the table, and even the jewellery and accessories the bride wore can all be shown off beautifully. Discussing your theme in detail with your wedding videographer will ensure that these special touches are captured on film in the most beautiful way possible.

Time for some music:

There are always pieces of music that will remind you of your special day. Whether it is the song that you walked up the aisle to, the song that played during your first dance or even a song that everyone joined in and sung along to at the reception – they will always hold a special place in your heart. If your wedding featured a song that tied into your theme beautifully, why not incorporate it into your wedding film? It will provide the perfect backdrop to the memories of your special day that your videographer captures.

It’s all about you:

The best, and probably the most important thing that a cinematic wedding video manages to capture is the personalties of the happy couple. If you are both happy, fun loving people or a couple with a flair for the outrageous and dramatic, the techniques that are used in your wedding film will capture that. It could be something as simple as the bridal party laughing and joking before the wedding intercepted with shots of the groom and his friends doing the same thing – the little, personal moments that give you an insight into who people really are.

Enjoy your special day:

If you decide that a cinematic wedding film is the right kind for you, you will end up with a memento of your special day that is professional looking, with the most special parts of your wedding shown off to their best advantage. More importantly, it will be more personal to you, with all of the parts that mattered the most to you both being accentuated and enhanced. You will most certainly end up with a beautiful film that you can enjoy for years to come, which is of course, priceless.

Jennifer Fage is the Co-Founder of Essex based cinematic filmmakers Unique Visuals, and it is their passion for getting an insight into a couple relationship before the big day, that sets them apart from the rest.