The Pros And Cons Of A Themed Wedding

Chances are you’ve had the plans for your dream wedding in mind for many years. Many people start planning way before the age they can get married and thoughts of fairy tales and princes drive the first wedding plans. When you finally meet your significant other then your plans change.

Perhaps you’re marrying someone from a different culture and want to embrace their wedding customs or perhaps you’ve always dreamed of a wedding with a distinctly Scottish theme. There are many factors behind choosing a themed wedding and here we’re looking at the pros and cons for going down this route.

The Pros

The main pro of choosing a themed wedding is that you can get creative and reveal your personality through your theme. Perhaps you’ll choose a classic Edinburgh wedding reception for a Scottish themed wedding and utilise tartans and classic Scottish cuisine. This would be one way of exercising a fantastic theme which may be close to the hearts of both halves of the couple.

Wedding themes also making planning easier as certain details can be ticked off the list in one fell swoop as they are all covered by the theme. Planning favours and table decorations is much easier if you have a single theme to think about rather than a more abstract idea. A theme creates a sense of unity and semblance and means that you can reuse certain elements. The corsage flowers could be replicated in the table arrangements for example. A complete theme can make a wedding highly memorable, especially if you choose something a little unusual.

The Cons

The biggest con of opting for a themed wedding is the cost. Once the theme has been decided you’ll soon find some of your essential items are only available within a certain price bracket and once the theme has been set it will be impossible to get around some of those more expensive touches. It can also get very highly pressured when you strive to ensure the theme is exacting and perfect. Time can be spent focusing on single elements rather than taking stock of the whole event and then, as time starts ticking,

There is also the risk with a theme that it simply doesn’t come off the way you’d hope. This can be hugely disappointing and leave you wondering why you didn’t go for a simple wedding instead. All the elements you choose may seem great in principle but when it comes to it, they simply don’t work or don’t create the effect you were really hoping for. The pressure involved to see it all go wrong can be really disappointing.

Whether you opt to have a theme for your wedding or not remember the focus is you and your new spouse. That relationship is what everyone has come together to celebrate and not how well you can decorate a hall or choose outfits. Remember what the wedding is really about and enjoy the celebration of your new relationship surrounding by your friends and family.

Ayesha Longley works for the Royal Scots Club, which offers hotel accomodation, wedding and conference venue in Edinburgh’s city centre. You can read more about the Royal Scots Club on