How Can A Store Win Customer Loyalty, Ubiquitous Brand Awareness, and High Amount Of Customers? Chipotle Knows…

How Can A Store Win Customer Loyalty, Ubiquitous Brand Awareness, and High Amount Of Customers? Chipotle Knows...

Chipotle defines the essence of a cutting-edge culinary experience. Their brilliant innovation is the product of a truly original setting combined with iconic internal architecture. Most of us love eating their Mexican creation wrapped in aluminum foil for lunch. USA Today ranks Chipotle as the #1 best Tex-Mex chain restaurant in the nation. What sets Chipotle above the rest? One of the elements of business that Chipotle has mastered is the art of customer experience. Here’s a look at the engineering of Chipotle’s customer experience:

A Masterful Ordering Process

The chief element of Chipotle’s indomitable swagger stems from their streamlined process for taking customer orders. Because the entrance seamlessly directs patrons to the ordering counter, customers are privileged to directly interact with working chefs. Customers feel comfortable in an atmosphere where they can see their food being made as they order it. Motivated employees skillfully craft burritos and tacos in front of customers in a brief amount of time. Total time elapsed from order to checkout is about one minute. With the opportunity to personalize their delicious meals, every customer truly feels in charge. All other restaurant owners should take note of this extreme efficiency and transparency!

Interior Design 1: Signature Sheet Metal

It’s not just about the ingredients or the prices when it comes to customer experience. The interior design of Chipotle’s restaurants give off a unique vibe that customers remember. Burnished metallic surfaces have become synonymous with Chipotle culture. Ridged paneling evokes a purposeful simplicity that is downright relaxing for customers. This one subtle feature bolsters a sensibly straightforward allure, and its intriguing presence has become a subconscious trademark for the company. For restaurant owners, it is always smart to cultivate an engaging signature look. As Chipotle shows, this technique will garner universal recognition.

Interior Design 2: Iconic Steel Beams & Exposed Ducts

Ever since Chipotle introduced their brand of rustically urbane post-modern mystique, restaurants everywhere have been trying to catch up. The slick steel beams are cleverly economical and masterfully debonair. Exposed ducts quaintly convey a similarly down-to-earth persona. The customer feels the message Chipotle wants to send which is “we have nothing to hide in our food and we think that it is beautiful.” Overall, this structural design teaches other culinary establishments to learn the importance of integrating functional affordability with cunning aesthetic arrangements.

Interior Design 3: Witty Wood Accents

In contrast to the prevalence of metal, the wood panels replicate the cozy warmness of being at home. These comforting elements immediately become a pleasing focal point for the customers. The smooth counter-tops also grant a comfortable place to lean while waiting in line during peak hours.

Interior Design 4: Lively Lighting

All of the cunning interior quirks would be for naught without radiant lighting in the facility. When steel fixtures abundantly descend from a vaulted ceiling, it ensures a vibrantly lit environment that fosters festive vibes among all customers and patrons. Restaurant operators everywhere are following suit by eliminating dreary dimness in their venues. Brightness is the way to invite business!

Bottom Line

Chipotle has created an affordable food experience that is fast, tasty, but doesn’t come off as cheap because of the way that Chipotle presents itself through it’s interior design. For restaurant owners who look to establish customer loyalty the way Chipotle so impressively has, they should gear their restaurant image after these patterns. If you’re looking to go with a remodel for an industrial interior design, check out the materials from
SG Steel Services Co. With a knack for modern ambiance, the chain has truly cultivated an empire that caters to a progressive era of food lovers.