4 Reasons To Go To University In Southampton

There are a lot of great universities in the UK in many excellent locations, each with their own unique student experience to offer. Southampton, situated in Hampshire in the south coast of England, is one of the friendliest cities you can choose to study in. It combines a sense of history, evident in the medieval town walls and other lovely historic constructions, with the modern.

Both Exciting and Peaceful

Southampton is a large place to live, but it has oases of peace, too. It is an ideal location for people who like action but like to enjoy greenery and a spot of quiet. It is surrounded by areas of outstanding natural beauty, being close to the New Forest, a boat ride from the Isle of Wight and has many beautiful spots within the city. Equally there is always plenty of activity with a thriving city centre. There are regular festivals in the summer months and fun fairs on the common too. Lakes and a paddling pool are a lovely feature and of course Southampton is by the sea, with nearby beaches to relax and water sports to enjoy.

Great Transport Links

Near enough to good roads, with its own airport and on the train line, Southampton is easy to get to from the rest of the UK. This means it is easy to get home on the holidays, if you choose to and it is easy to get to events and days out over the UK in your spare time.Glastonbury,Reading, days out in London or a weekend on the Isle of Wight. Wherever takes your fancy, it is simple to get to.

Great Atmosphere

There are two universities in Southampton, both full of students who want to fully make the most of their student experience. That makes for an atmosphere that is supportive for study with a great many extracurricular activities as well as a city with nightlife to suit anyone’s taste. Students are a discerning lot and Southampton nightclubs, pubs and music scene can cater to them all.

Great Professional Start

The Southampton universities have solid reputations that will stand you in good stead in whatever direction your future takes you. Academics in the city are well known for outstanding research. Both universities are well regarded in terms of results and for producing excellent graduates. Solent University, for instance, has a useful tool on its website to help you to decide where your strengths are and choose a course suited to your needs and their courses are based on both traditional academic subjects and on those thought of as vocational. This all contributes to the city’s reputation for producing the graduates that employers need to run their businesses.
Southampton is a diverse, friendly city that is easy to engage with. There is always something going on and so much to do that you are certain to be able to make the most of your student experience, no matter what your personality or where your interests lie. Who knows where those experiences might take you and which will be of the most value in your future.