Holiday Hair Care

Most of us have some sort of hair care routine, whether it’s a simple one with a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for our hair type, or a more extensive routine that includes hair treatments, oils and leave in conditioners.

But what about during your summer holiday to hotter climates? Just like we protect our skin, we also need to protect and treat our hair to combat the effects of the sun, sea and chlorine.

Here are some top tips on how to care for your hair during your summer holiday:

1. UV Spray or Leave in conditioner

A leave in UV spray will help protect the hair from the damaging effects of the sun and UV rays which can leave your hair dry, brittle and can even change the tones of coloured hair. These sprays and leave in conditioners will stop the hair from becoming tangled from the sea and chlorine and can be used on either wet, towel dried or dry hair before and during exposure to the sun. So there really is no excuse not to protect your hair while you’re protecting your skin.

Leave in conditioners are also important if you wear hair extensions. Try not to go swimming with hair extensions and use something like Moroccanoil Treatment to keep the ends moisturised as the sun can dry out hair extensions. It’s also advisable to use specific hair care for hair extensions in the sun.

2. Sun Shampoo & Conditioner

In summer, your usual shampoo and conditioner may not be good enough to help restore sun damaged hair. Instead, choose a specific sun shampoo that helps repair and is hydrating. Paul Mitchell and Wella SP do a brilliant sun range. These shampoos will help to gently cleanse the hair while removing minerals and salt deposits, adding some much needed moisture. Equally, the sun specific conditioners will help to detangle and provide intense repair and conditioning.

3. Hair Mask

Hair masks are ideal for on holiday, especially if you like to swim in the sea and pool. After washing hair, add a scoop of the mask to your hair and leave it to sink in before rinsing. They will instantly detangle and revitalize sun damaged hair with intense moisture and replenishment. They’re also perfect for those of you who have coloured hair as some can help to extend the life of your colour and leave it looking vibrant with luminous shine.

 4. Serum

On holiday, an anti-frizz serum can work wonders on all hair. We’re all prone to humidity frizz, even those with straight locks. Moroccanoil Frizz Control is ideal for this – it works on all hair types and eliminates frizz while controlling static in any weather. Simply spray a few pumps onto damp hair, comb through and either style as normal or let your hair dry naturally. Its weather –resistant properties weightlessly safeguard hair keeping it smooth, calm and manageable.

5. Hair and Scalp spf

Most of us will try to remember those parts on our face and head that we often don’t think to put spf on – back of the neck, hair line, tops of the ears. But do you ever think about your scalp? Redken’s sun range takes all of this into consideration and their Take Cover Mousse provides SPF 25 protection in a mousse form – the lightweight conditioning mousse leaves hair feeling volumised while providing targeted sun protection to your scalp. It can be applied to a damp or dry scalp so you can continue to apply it throughout the day as needed.

Laura is a hair and beauty writer with extensive knowledge in Beauty, Makeup and hair care.