Festival Hair & Beauty

The start of summer means one thing – music festivals! With T in the Park, Glastonbury and V Festival just around the corner it’s time to start thinking of your festival kit – we’re talking hair and beauty. Here are some top tips when packing for a festival:

1. Dry Shampoo

This will be your go to festival product. If you’re going for the whole festival which can last 3 days or more, you’re going to need to refresh your hair at some point and with showers limited dry shampoo will come in handy. With just a few sprays, a little massage, and a comb (if you need it), dry shampoo will banish your oily roots in seconds and even better it will add volume and texture to your hair which is perfect for some of your favourite festival hairstyles!

2. Salt Spray

Your luggage will probably be limited to a backpack so if there’s one styling product you need it’s salt spray. Salt Spray will help create those effortless looking boho waves we all envy and it works great on dishevelled second day hair!

3. Gel Nails

Gel nails are a great alternative to your usual nail varnish. After a day or so at a festival, your nails can easily chip and look messy so switch to a gel nail varnish instead as they can last up to two weeks without chipping which is perfect for a festival.  You can get gel nails from a professional nail salon, or invest in an at-home kit with a UV lamp, gel nail varnish and a sealant varnish.

4. Festival Hairstyles

Although festivals are all about the bands and music, we can’t help but admire the outfits and often the hairstyles are part of the outfits. This year, team your denim shorts and wellies with some fab festival ready styles:


braids are super easy to do and the best part about them is the messier the better! So get jumping around in mud and let your hair become messy. Choose from a simple regular three strand braid, or go for a fishtail braid for extra style points. Use that dry shampoo to create volume and texture too. If your hair is on the short side, add a couple of pieces of clip in hair extensions to make braids longer and thicker.


this is where the salt spray comes in handy. Curl your hair on the morning of the festival at home, and then use your curls for the next two days as they begin to drop out. When this happens, grab the salt spray and get scrunching. You’ll be left with the best festival worthy waves.

Feather extensions 

If you’re not keen on braiding your hair, another way to change up a look for a festival is to add in a few pieces of feather hair extensions before you go. Using a micro ring, these extensions will stay in your hair until you’re ready to take them out after the festival. Try natural colours for a subtle look, or go all out with bright pinks and blue!

Hair chalk 

a favourite at festivals, use hair chalk to add a pop of colour to your hair. Use it on the ends for a dip dye look (Fudge Paint Box is ideal for this) or use it on random sections (opt for L’Oreal Hair Chalk which has a built in applicator) for a highlighted look or on sections of a braid like Alexa Chung.

 Laura is a hair and beauty writer with extensive knowledge in Beauty, Makeup and hair care.